Monday, December 29, 2014

Milwaukee Police Looking For Three Suspects Who Threaten To Kill Cops

A Milwaukee resident was arrested after asking two Milwaukee police officers a question while they were parked.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 29, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - The Milwaukee Police Department were looking for three suspects who posted threats to kill cops in a social network. By Sunday, two of the suspects had been detained for questioning.
One Milwaukee resident was mistakenly accused by a police officer on Saturday as one of the suspects sought in connection with making threats to shoot police. Police couldn't connect him to the threats, but was allegedly arrested and cited for obstructing or resisting an officer and for a standing vehicle after asking two police officers a question who were in their assigned squad car parked at a street. According to Jabril Faraj, a guest contributing writer for On Milwaukee dot com, he was taken into custody on December 27 near N. 27 St. and W. Auer Ave. for just stopping his vehicle next to a marked police squad car and asking Milwaukee Police Officers Branko Stoj and Joseph Anderer why were they there? Officer Stoj told him to move on and while Faraj attempted to drive off, but didn't  move fast enough because he had it in the wrong gear. Stoj got out of his squad and immediately told Faraj to turn off his vehicle, opened the door and forced Faraj out of the car. Stoj then handcuffed Faraj. Faraj has also accused both Officers Stoj and Anderer of illegally searching his vehicle without his permission. Faraj's vehicle was towed by police. Faraj was in the area to cover Justice for Dontre Hamilton protests, but no protest took place.
Anderer accused Faraj of being a "domestic terrorist" and that one officer at the police station told him, you're lucky you didn't get shot and that Anderer responded "We don't mind making the news again," according to Faraj's story on On Milwaukee dot com.
Faraj was taken to Police District 7 Station for questioning, booking and given two tickets. He was released afterwards.
In April 2011, Milwaukee Motorcycle Police Officer Anderer was accused of breaking the camera of Geoff Davidian, a journalist who stopped to record a police vehicle incident that sped out of an alley without stopping and hit a moving vehicle on the street. Officer Anderer did not want any news reporting of the incident and prevented Davidian to continue recording the police accident. The woman driver was just given a warning and Davidian was cited for interfering with police issuing a citation, which was never issued to the woman driver, the Information  Liberation dot Com reported.

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