Sunday, December 14, 2014

Federal Police And Military Involved In Armed Assault On Ayotzinapa Students

Witnesses and Ayotzinapa students who survived an attack in Iguala testified that Mexican Federal Police shot at victims and military participated in the armed assault on students.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 14, 2014

Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico - A report published on Saturday in the Proceso Magazine alleged that Mexican Federal Police also shot at Ayotzinapa students and the military from the Infantry Battalion September 27 participated in the armed assault of victims, including the involvement of the military commanding officer. The Proceso Magazine and a investigative report that was released from the University of California-Berkeley (UCB) indicated that the Ayotzinapa students had been under a joint surveillance investigation by Federal Police (FP) including the Guerrero state police and it was the FP that reported to the central communications center in Chilpancingo that the students had departed from their school in buses heading to Iguala on September 26. The centralized law enforcement communications center C4 provides information to the FP, Guerrero State Police, military and the Iguala Municipal Police. The Proceso Magazine confirmed that all four levels of law enforcement knew the students were headed to Iguala and personnel from the FP and military participated with the corrupt Iguala police in the armed attacked on the Ayotzinapa students.
More than 900 documents of witness and student victims testimony alleged that the FP and military knew and participated in the attack and disappearance  of 43 Ayotzinapa students. The report also say, that the FP and military have failed to provide documention of the units that participated in the Iguala attack that resulted in six deaths.
By October 28, the federal government had evidence from the Guerrero state government investigation that the FP and military were also involved, but a cover-up took place until last Saturday when it was finally exposed by the Proceso Magazine and the UCB investigative team.
The military, FP and Iguala municipal police are accused of confiscating cellphones from the Ayotzinapa students on September 26 and the cellphones were still active until October 5. Ayotzinapa surviving victims and family members of the 43 students believed to have been murdered and their remains burned by the criminal organization Guerreros Unidos have repeatedly requested for the cellphone companies to release all information of GPS data from the cellphones of the 43 students to learn where they were transported and areas the cellphones could be traced too. None of the cellphone companies or the federal government have released the GPS data from all the cellphones that were confiscated by police, feds and military in September. 
The report by the Proceso says, that the Secretary of Governance, Federal Police, the military, the federal Attorney General Office and President Enrique Peña Nieto's administration had knowledge that FP and the military were involved and failed to provide or mention their participation in several news conferences, one in November where where the Federal Prosecutor Jesús Murillo Karam denied military participation indicating that a major cover-up was initiated with President Nieto's knowledge.

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