Sunday, December 28, 2014

Black Females Spark Fights At Kings Plaza Mall, Monroeville Mall And Chicago's Navy Pier Winterfest

Three major brawls by young Black females embarrassing for communities in Brooklyn, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
December 28, 2014

Brooklyn, New York - Three major brawls involving Black female teens have been reported in three states after Christmas. One of the brawls happened at the Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, the second at the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh and the third at the Navy Pier Winterfest in Chicago.
In all three brawls, hundreds of Black female teens were involved and began to beat each other. They were caught on videos that have been going viral in social networks and the main stream media. 
The Monroeville Mall was closed early after the brawl broke out on Friday and involved hundreds of teens all over the mall. Shops were locked down to protect customers and riot police were called go control the melee. In Chicago, five teens were arrested at the Navy Pier Winterfest after more than 30 teens were involved in a brawl. Two teens were reported injured, all those arrested were charged with misdemeanors. No one under 18 and not accompanied by a parent or guardian will not be allowed into the Winterfest under the new restrictions guidelines set by organizers after Friday's brawl.
Two other melees involving Black females were reported by Chicago police at the Rock and Roll McDonald's and Buffalo Wings restaurants within 48 hours.
At the Kings Plaza Mall, security struggled to contain the fight. The mall has had a history of fights between teens.
It has become an embarrassing situation for the teens and communities that they live in, especially their parents. 
Whatever the reason for initiating the brawls, it's embarrassing and shame that young Black teens can't get along with each other in public environments, especially at shopping malls without causing chaos. When will they ever learn that violence is not the answer to mere social issues in their lives? 

Black female teens fight in Kings Plaza after Christmas - again:

Monroeville Mall fight by Black girls closes mall:

Three melees also involving Black females reported by police within 48 hours in Chicago:

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