Thursday, February 21, 2013

Terrazas Sisters Get Probation For Altercation With Okeechobee Sheriff Deputies

Virginia Terrazas, Marisol Terrazas and Antonio Medina

The Terrazas sisters and Los Horoscopos de Durango band member were sentenced to probation and community service after pleading "No Contest" to multiple felony charges stemming from an incident in November at a dance performance in Florida.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 21, 2013

Okeechobee, FL - On Wednesday, both Virginia "Vicky" Terrazas, 32, of Palos Park, IL and Marisol Terrazas, 36, of Lemont, IL,  the lead singers for Los Horóscopos de Durango and a band member, Antonio Medina, 20, of Chicago, IL entered a plea of "No Contest" to multiple felony counts. A Okeechobee County Circuit judge sentenced the Terrazas sisters after being convicted and Medina to one year of probation each and community service under a plea agreement. Under the plea agreement, battery charges against Virginia and her boyfriend Medina were dropped. Both Marisol and Medina would have to complete their community service within 60 days, for Virginia within 120 days. As felons, they can not own firearms.
Marisol has to complete 25 hours of community service. She was facing 10 years in prison for two felony counts for inciting a riot and resisting arrest without violence.
Virginia received 50 hours of community service. She was facing 15 years in prison for three felonies counts for battery to a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and inciting a riot. The battery charge Vicky was facing was dropped under the plea agreement. The Terrazas sisters were also ordered to write a letter of apology to the Okeechobee County Sheriff Deputies (officers) involved in the incident as one of their conditions of their plea agreement.
Medina will also do ten hours of community service. He was charged with two felony counts, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. The battery charge against Medina was dropped. They will serve time in jail, if they violate their probation. Their community service will be serve where ever they desire to do it. They must keep in contact with their probation officer by mail.
On November 11, they were arrested and then freed the next day from the Okeechobee County jail after spending the night in jail and posting bail. The Terrazas' sisters were taken into custody for inciting a riot during a Mexican rodeo dance and event, according to the criminal complaint. 
A scuffle broke out between a private security officer and a fan at the Agi-Civic Center when Los Horoscopos de Durango were performing their first song. 
Marisol was arrested for shouting vulgarities to Deputies during a dance scuffle and Virginia for kicking a Deputy in the groin after he grabbed her while she attempted to keep Marisol from being detained. Medina was arrested for grabbing a Deputy, "at which the officer was sruck in the head with a can full of beer," Michele Bell, the Okeechobee County Sheriff Office Public Information Officer wrote in press release in November.
There were 1,600 people in attendance when a fight between hired private security personnel and a patron erupted. Sheriff Deputies stepped in to help security to break up the scuffle, according to the criminal complaint.
Marisol stopped singing and began to curse the officers over a loud speakers, which showed an immediate effect of aggressive behavior from the crowd. She was ordered to stop or she would be arrested. She dared the officers to come up on stage and arrest her.
Marisol from the stage told the Deputies and security to stop pushing and roughing up people (Mexicans) at the dance floor. A fan was tased by a security officer, triggering Marisol to insult the officers in both Spanish and English language vulgarities prompting Deputies to go up on stage and attempt to arrest Marisol, including her sister. 
Fans then began to throw cans of beer and debris at Deputies on stage. The scuffle was video taped by fan.
Both Marisol and Virginia fled from the stage and were later apprehended in a vehicle while attempting to leave the area. The crowd exited the arena area and began to follow officers escorting the Terrazas' to a patrol car. The crowd also began to throw cans of beer, water bottles and drinks. At no time did either of the Terrazas sisters say or do anything to help stop or resolve the violent situation. A security officer was able to identify Luis Maldonado, as the suspect that hit an officer in the head with a can of beer, according to Bell. Maldonado, 25, of Port St. Lucie, FL was charged with aggravated battery to a law enforcement officer.
The incident brought several changes to the Agi-Civic Center. More security will be added during Mexican concerts or rodeo events. Beer will only be sold and served in paper cups instead of cans.

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