Friday, February 15, 2013

MCEB Denied It Released Document Exonerating Supervisor West Of All Ethics Violation Claims

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Latest twist to alleged ethic violation charges against Milwaukee County Supervisor Romo West.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 15, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, Veronica Robinson, the executive director for the Milwaukee County Ethics Board (MCEB) confirmed, that no official "Order letter" had been released on Tuesday stating the MCEB dismissed charges against Supervisor Romo West with conditions as reported in the latest edition of the Spanish Journal dated February 13-20. Robinson denied the MCEB had release any letter or information regarding alleged ethics violation charges had been dismissed. The MCEB met last Tuesday in close session to decide what information should be released regarding an ethics code violation complaint filed against 12th District Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Romo West by former candidate Sylvia Ortiz. 
When contacted on Friday, Robert Miranda, the editor of the Spanish Journal (SJ) said, that he received an official MCEB looking letter from a source indicating it had dismissed four ethic code violation charges against Supervisor Romo West. The letter apparently is addressed to Supervisor Romo West, contained an official Milwaukee County logo and Robinson's signature as the executive director of the MCEB.
Miranda contacted Robinson about the letter, but Robinson couldn't confirm or denied it was released. Miranda believed it is official enough to report its contends in the latest Spanish Journal edition, claiming the MCEB exonerated Supervisor Romo West with conditions by indicating the board "found no guilt or that any violations occurred that warranted punitive actions against Supervisor Romo West," according to the SJ article.
The Order letter dated, February 12, stated "the MCEB makes no recommendation that the subject (Supervisor Romo West) of this investigation be censured, suspended or that any action be taken to remove the subject from office," the SJ article reported.
Miranda released the letter in question to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA), but wouldn't release the source, if it was authentic or any information where he actually got it.
Last Monday, HNNUSA reported that the MECB found that Supervisor Romo West used her position to gain unlawful advantage during an election and using a County vehicle while campaigning. Ortiz, a former candidate for supervisor in the 12th Milwaukee County District confirmed to HNNUSA, that she was notified by Robinson that Romo West was found in violation of two ethic codes. Romo West used her position to gain unlawful benefits, advantage and privileges during an election; using a County vehicle while campaigning and using her Facebook account, including emailing account to advertise a fundraiser while at a committee meeting at the courthouse where the Milwaukee County Board has its offices.

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