Monday, February 25, 2013

Tamaulipas Main Stream Media Censored News Regarding Drug Cartels

Twitter and Facebook social media become main source of information about homicides, kidnappings, daily shootings, car jackings, road blocks by criminsls, extortion and drug cartel activity.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 25, 2013

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico - A social network administrator that operates "Valor Tamaulipas" on Twitter and "Valor por Tamaulipas" (VT) on Facebook has become the current internet impromptu journalist blogging hero for thousands of followers on the Internet. VT's Twitter page has more than 26K followers and more than 166K Facebook followers. 
A criminal organization in Tamualipas recently circulated flyers offering a $600K pesos ($47,200 U.S.) reward seeking information leading to the identity of VT. VT is a wanted man for posting information about homicides, kidnappings, daily shootings, car jackings, road blocks by cartels, extortion and drug cartel activity in the region on his independent social networks.  
Other anonymous Twitters or bloggers from other states in Mexico haven't experienced a hefty bounty for their heads or reward for information leading to their identity, so they can be eliminated (killed) by criminal organizations or drug cartels.
Those who circulated the bounty flyer, unkownly made VT the most famous Twitter from the state of Tamaulipas with a price on his head. Recently, VT informed his followers that he was forced to relocate his family to the U.S. after the flyers began circulating around February 13, requesting information about VT's immediate family members.
VT in his latest posting claims, that the Tamaulipas main stream news agencies have censored any news or information about the criminal activities, murders and drug cartel atrocities in the region. He says, that the news network publish zero news about crimes perpetuated by drug cartels. The two main drug cartels who have taken control of the state of Tamaulipas and has put a tight noose (censor) of all main stream media regarding their crimes and activities are Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. The lives of reporters, editors and publishers have been threatened or some reporters have been bought off (bribed) and snitch on coworkers that attempt to report crime news.
Now in the VT pages, Twitter followers and Facebook users are posting and discussing recent armed uprisings by other citizens who just became sick and tired of waiting for the state, Mexican authorities and the military to take action and cleanup their cities and towns of criminals, city corruption by police and public elected officials by deciding to take up arms and taking back control of their own cities.
In the state of Guerrero, multiple municipalities in a chain reaction led to an armed uprising by its own population by taking up arms and getting rid of local criminal organizations or cartels who exploited them for years. The population blocked main roads coming into their towns and managed to make major arrests of alleged corrupt police officers and elected political officials until the military arrived and took over. 
The cry for Revolution between the law abiding population and criminal organizations, including ruling drug cartels has been ignited and seems to be spreading from town to town as a last resort to combat the proliferation of crime resulting in homicides attributed to drug activity, trafficking and feuding cartels attempting to control multi-million bordertown drug routes.
Also in a municipality of Michoacan, the population has risen and took back control of their town.
Currently, Tamaulipas is drowning in a crime proliferation bubble, which eventually is getting ready to burst. VT and his social network crime reporting activity of high risk areas could very well be the needle to burst that immense bubble.
Will the Tamualipas population follow in the footsteps of other cities and towns by taking up arms and take back control of their state from criminal organizations and drug cartels? The cry for Revolution against criminal organizations and drug cartels has been called and Mexican nationals are a humble and proud people, but when cornered, they will take action regardless of the consequences. ¡Viva Mexico!

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