Friday, February 8, 2013

Millionaire Wants To Give $1M Each To 10 Facebook Users Who Share His Photo

Daniel Chavez

Posted self-photo with Powerball ticket and claims he is one of the $580M winners and will give $1M to ten random picks of Facebook users who share his photo. He loves attention!

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 8, 2013

Hollywood, California - Daniel Chavez, a Facebook user who posted on the popular social network that he is one of the Powerball winners of the $580M says, that he "Loves attention." So far, his photo on Facebook has more than 7,523 likes and been shared more than 24,000, as of Thursday by many trying to get a slot of being one of the ten lucky Facebook users to share Chavez' photo and fortune. Chavez posted the share total from Joliet, Illinois. He has not set a time or date to pick the ten winners to get a whopping $1M each, but has more than 3,206 followers and more every day.
Chavez wrote on his Facebook photo, "Yes, I am one of the winner of $580 Million PowerBall :) I will pick 10 random people to get 1 milllion dollars $ each if you share this!
So because of this picture and post I've been getting friend request from people I don't know, It got like over a hundred shares from people I don't even know....HA."
Chavez according to his Facebook information is from Beverly Hills, California, works at Hollywood Casino Joliet and went to Harvard University. He is married to Christina Stanton Chavez. Her Facebook account says, that she lives in Joliet, Illinois and works at Trinity Services, Inc. Apparently Chavez likes to share his new wealth, which many come short of doing so. 
Lottery officials in December, identified Matthew Good of Phoenix and a Missouri couple, Mark Cindy Hill who split the November 28, drawing of $587.5M. Chavez claims to be one of the winners for the $580M, but doesn't specify drawing date on his Facebook account posting.

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