Monday, February 4, 2013

Obama's Gun Control Rehashes Katrina 2005 Weapon Confiscation By National Guard

NRA video reported how New Orleans Police and National Guard confiscated weapons from law abiding citizens after the Hurricane Katrina and floods.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 4, 2013

New Orleans,  LA - A YouTube video posted in 2009, created by the National Rifle Association (NRA) depicts how police and the national guard went door to door in the region to confiscate weapons from law abiding citizens under orders of local, state and federal officials to create gun free zones. Which left citizens unarmed to protect themselves from looters and criminals. 
The video title "NRA Never Again" began to go viral recently when a push for more gun control laws are being sought by politicians and President Barack H. Obama.
People have said, the government would never take our weapons. Well, they did!
Victims of gun confiscation gave testimony on how the government officials and law enforcers illegally confiscated their weapons and were given no paper work to recover them later. Some of the weapons were even destroyed in front of them without reason.
One elderly victim while being filmed at her home was subdued by police and her handgun was taken while she was force out of her residence.
Until to date, no accountability of weapons confiscated during the Katrina disaster has been made or if state and federal prosecutors ever prosecuted anyone for confiscating the hundreds of weapons during the Katrina disaster. 
Will the government and Obama administration confiscate weapons from law abiding citizens again? You'll be the judge!
The NRA filed several federal lawsuits on behave of some of the victims whose guns were confiscated Illegally. A judge ruled on their favor and ordered New Orleans Police to return the weapons they had confiscated to gunowners. But some gunowners never got their guns.

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