Thursday, February 28, 2013

Man Charged With 30 Counts Of Making False Government ID's And Mexican Driver's Licenses

Jony Zavala

Two year Clarksville police investigation busts local businessman for making fake ID's and Mexican driver's licenses.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 28, 2013

Clarksville,  Indiana - A local hair salon business owner was charged with up to 30 felony counts for making fake ID's, international driver's licenses and government ID's, including Social Security cards, WLKY dot com reported. Jony Zavala was taken into custody at his business on February 8 on charges stemming from making fake ID's, including Mexican driver's licenses, distribution and forgery.
Zavala also sold Mexican driver's licenses from various states for hundreds of dollars and charged an additional $200 for International Driver's Licences (IDL), which weren't valid in the U.S. The IDL is a mere translation document of a foreign valid driver's license that are valid in the country, if the holder is legally in the U.S. Anyone legally in the country seeking a valid IDL can get one from Triple A, an automotive road service for a mere $10.
Zavala without permission managed to add five vehicles to an insurance holder's policy without his knowledge and left him with the cost. He was charged with insurance fraud, according to police. 
A two year Clarksville police investigation into the manufacturing of fake ID's scammed illegal immigrants of thousands of dollars for multiple years. Police say, it took two years to bust Zavala due to a lack of cooperation by some victims.

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