Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Canton Police Confiscate 300 Lbs. Of Marijuana During Bust

Suspect held for $1M bail and charged with two counts of marijuana trafficking.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 19, 2013

Canton, Massachusetts - On Tuesday, Thomas Jin Kim, 30, who is originally from Chicago, but an ID found on him indicates he is currently from Brooklyn,  N.Y. is being held for $1M bail and has been charged with two felony counts of marijuana trafficking. Kim was busted while receiving about 300 pounds of marijuana from an unsuspecting transport company, according to Canton Police Chief Kenneth Berkowitz.
A manager from the R&L Carriers, a transport company apparently had suspicion that drugs or something illegal was being transported and alerted police of the shipment. The marijuana, which was shipped in individual sealed packages and in large cartons has a street value of nearly $1M.
Berkowitz during a press conference said, that police received a tip that led them to arrest Kim and confiscated one of the largest marijuana shipments in the department's history.
The shipment originated in San Jose, California. The joint investigation, arrest and confiscation of the marijuana was assisted with the help of the DEA, Massachusetts State Police and Stoughton Police Department. 

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