Thursday, February 14, 2013

Six Arrested Including Teenager For Rape Of Six Female Spanish Tourists In Acapulco

A 16-year-old teen among alleged rapists of six Spanish female tourists.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 14, 2013

Acapulco,  Guerrero,  Mexico - At least six suspects, including a 16-year-old teen were arrested in connection with the rape of six Spanish female tourists while their boyfriends were tied up in a bungalow. The suspects were identified as, Omar González Gasper, 20, aka, "El Burguer," Abraham Rodríguez Flores, 27, aka, "El Barney," Miguel Angel Torres Tlaxiaco, 19, "El Miguel," Jorge Antonio Eladio Carmona, 20, "El Payaso," José Antonio Castañeda, 30, aka, "El Candela" and El Mundo, 16.
Jesús Murillo Karam, the federal Attorney General confirmed during a press conference that the suspects had confessed to the early February 4, armed robbery and sexual assault of six Spanish tourists while their boyfriends watched inside a bungalow that they rented.
Authorities recovered cellphones and iPads from the suspects belonging to the victims. Another seven suspects have been also detained in connection with the crime and other crimes.
All of the suspects are accused of belonging to a criminal organization involved in kidnappings, extortion and drug trafficking in the Acapulco area. Only, six of the named suspects were accused of raping the female Spanish victims.

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