Monday, February 11, 2013

Chavez Admits He Is Not A $580 Millionaire In His Latest Facebook Post

Daniel Chavez

Chavez admitted in his latest Facebook post that he is not one of the $580M winners as he pretended to be in order to get attention from unknown Facebook users.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 11, 2013

Joliet, WI - On Monday, Daniel Chavez,  who led Facebook users to believe he was one of the $580M winners posted that, "F__k I thought I was the winner of the lottery for 580 million but I did only need three numbers to win, oh well I did win forty dollars on an instant ticket...."
Chavez in an earlier post offered to give 10 Facebook random users who posted his self-taken picture with a lottery ticket in his hand a whopping one million each. It becomes evident today, that he intentionally lied about being a Millionaire to get people to follow his Facebook account.
He says, that he worked at a Casino in California, now that he came out and admitted that he is not a Millionaire, it might jeopardize his job for actually lying to Facebook users seeking a quick and free buck.
Chavez will now have to live with himself and a big disappointment for those expecting to cash in on his hoax of giving one million. 
Chavez is probably having a million laughs with his friends about fooling people that he was actually a Millionaire. 
He sure received a lot of shares and more than 9,000 followers by deceiving Facebook users and it's a shame that other friends in his Facebook account that knew Chavez was fooling people didn't get to expose him earlier.
Will people continue to follow him, who knows? He really has nothing worthy to offer his followers, some might say and agree.
What do you think?
This Facebook user will unfollow Chavez!

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