Friday, May 11, 2012

WI Governor Walker Talked About "Divide and Conquer" Strategy In His Quest To Bust Unions

Image: TMJ 4 News Broadcast

Governor Scott Walker on a 28 second video clip admitted in January 2011 to working on busting unions by deploying a "Divide and Conquer" strategy (video link:

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 11, 2012

Milwaukee - On Friday, TMJ News 4 reported that a 28 second video  clip depicts Governor Scott Walker (R) explaining his strategy to bust unions by deploying a "Divide and Conquer" political move, which would eventually end collective bargaining for some state employees. Walker explained his political strategy to a wealthy campaign donor who later donated $510,000 to his campaign fund.
So far, Walker has raised more than $25 million from out of state donors. His democratic challenger for the June 5 election, Tom Barrett has raised about $1 million of campaign funds.
The female donor wanted to know, if Governor Walker was planning to make the state a "completely red state and work on these unions" to make Wisconsin "a right-to-work state." Billionaire Diana Hendricks of Beloit, Wisconsin asked Walker, "what we can do to help you?" That's when the conversation between Walker and Hendricks transpired and was captured by a video crew filming  "As Goes Janesville," a documentary by Brad Lichtenstein focusing on Janesville's lost of jobs when the General Motors plant closed. They were video taping inside the Beloit ABC Supply company. The company is a roofing and siding company that Hendricks co-founded. Walker explained his plan to Hendricks about "divide and conquer" that led to the final outcome of busting unions, despite major march protests that drew thousands of protesters and union workers to Madison against ending collective bargaining.
Walker's campaign says, Walker had worked to balance the $3.6 billion deficit and didn't commit to making Wisconsin a right-to-work state, which would prevent workers from paying mandatory union dues. But the video clip shows otherwise and Walker's real intentions of getting rid of collective bargaining for state workers. Firefighters and police unions were exempt and kept their collective bargaining rights under Walker's budget for 2012-13.
The Barrett campaign is saying, that Walker finally told the truth about how he actually wanted to target unions and to eliminate collective bargaining.
Lichtenstein donated $100 to Barrett's campaign for the June election. He denied that he released the short video clip to influence the Walker recall election.
The full documentary flim will be released in the fall on PBS stations , according to Lichtenstein.

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