Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fifth Milwaukee Police Officer Fired By Chief Flynn

Fifth Milwaukee police officer terminated in May for using a department computer system to check on a warrant and then didn't arrest suspect.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 24, 2012

Milwaukee - On Tuesday, Officer Eric D. Wurth was terminated by Police Chief Edward A. Flynn for using a department computer for personal use and to check on a warrant of an individual that was wanted who Wurth never took into custody. The Milwaukee Police Source (MPSource) stated, "Wurth used Milwaukee Police Department equipment to conduct record checks on persons for non-departmental business. Additionally, he had contact with a person who he had personal knowledge had an outstanding warrant, but he failed to make an arrest."
Chief Flynn demoted former Court Liaison Officer Joanne M. Sunn to the rank of Police Officer. Flynn determined that Sunn failed to follow an order by a supervisor to stop using her own vehicle while on duty and she was caught taking longer lunch periods in her vehicle. She had a history of being late to work, according to the MPSource. 
Chief Fynn fired another four officers in May. One of the Officers is Danielle Scott, 22, who was on a probationary period before becoming a permanent officer. She was arrested on May 4, and charged for obstructing an officer and providing false information on a homicide investigation that involved her boyfriend.
Also fired was Milwaukee Police Sergeant Christopher Gull, 44, a 16 year veteran in the department. Sgt. Gull who was assigned to the Technical Communications Division was fired on May 1, for displaying sexually explicit photos of his naked girlfriend and making inappropriate comments to co-workers and subordinates while on duty.
The third officer is Richard Schoen, 42, a nine year veteran with the department who was also fired on May 1, after an internal investigation found that he beat and stomped on a female prisoner on September 22, 2011 in the back of his squad car while she was handcuffed.
Schoen is appealing his termination with the Fire and Police Commission.
Officer Yoron Whitfield, 44, a 21 year veteran with the department was terminated on May 1, for driving under the influence of alcohol. He tested  0.12 blood-alcohol concentration just above the legal limit on February 4. In March 2011, Whitfield was taken into custody after losing control of his vehicle and ending up in Lincoln Creek.
He tested a 0.18 of blood-alcohol concentration. He had a .40 Caliber handgun in his possession when the incident occurred. Whitfield was convicted for that drunk driving incident in July 2011.
Chief Flynn has confirmed, that at least 16 officers have been suspended for various department violations, which involved claiming hourly wages they did not earned and doing other unrelated activity while working at the Milwaukee County Jail and Criminal Justice facility. Non of the work place violations committed by the officers were criminal, according to the MPSource.

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