Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thousands Of Early Voters Cast Their Votes In The Recall Governor Scott Walker Election In Wisconsin

Close to the June 5th election and thousands have already cast their votes in Wisconsin.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 29, 2012

Madison - More than 165,000 early voters have cast their votes in the recall Republican Governor Scott Walker election in Wisconsin. The last day to cast an early absentee ballot by mail is 4:00 p.m. on Friday or 5:00 p.m. in person at an available polling place.
Most of the votes were reported in the Madison, Milwaukee and northern counties, according to the state Government Accountabliity Board (GAB).
By last Wednesday, at least 90,000 voting-age residents had cast their absentee ballots. In Milwaukee by the second day of voting, more than 1,100 had voted early. The GAB is expecting a turnout of 60% to 65% or between 2.6M to 2.8M voters for the June 5 election.
Voters are not required to show a valid ID to vote.
For the first time, the voting absentee polling places in Madison and Milwaukee remained opened over the Memorial Day weekend. Get out the vote organizers having been taking early voters to the polls in vans or vehicles. Lines of voters could be seen throughout the weekend of the Memorial Day holiday in Milwaukee and other areas.
Republicans are accusing the organizers as Democrat partisans trying to influence early voting in support of Tom Barrett, a Democrat attempting to unseat Governor Walker. Walker defeated Barrett in 2010. But get out to vote organizers say, they are just getting people out to vote early and are not trying to influence the vote.
The GOP believes that most of the early absentee voting taking place throughout the state could be a treat to getting Governor Walker re-elected.
Last Friday, investigative information released by a reliable source indicated that Governor Walker and up to five others in the governor's circle while he was Milwaukee County executive are expected to face multiple charges resulting from the John Doe criminal investigation. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office (DA) is expected to file charges against Walker and five other suspects on allegations that they used county time to campaign to help elect Walker as governor while working and restricted other Walker employees from exposing alleged unethical acts to the DA probe.
Walker has denied any wrong doing or having any knowledge of an underground e-mail operation that was discovered adjacent to his former Milwaukee County executive office created to help him get elected as governor. Walker maintains that the Milwaukee DA has no evidence implicating him of any wrong doing in the John Doe probe, but created a legal defense fund and has hired two attorneys costing Walker more than $100,000 in wake of the John Doe probe. Hispanic News Network U.S.A. has learned that another $100,000 has been transferred into the legal defense fund from Walker's campaign.
At least 6 people have been charge in the John Doe investigation, including three Milwaukee County former aids, who worked for Walker when he was the county executive.
Some GOP members doubt that Walker would be charged at all, but if the information proves to be reliable then indeed Walker and five others are facing charges that will no doubt set the GOP back on its agenda to make Wisconsin a Red state.

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