Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Two Milwaukee Police Officers Fired By Chief Flynn

Chief Flynn has terminated at least four officers, since early May.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 9, 2012

Milwaukee - On Monday, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn announced that two more officers had been fired from the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), totaling at least four for the month of May. One of the Officers is Danielle Scott, 22, who was on a probationary period before becoming a permanent officer was arrested on May 4, and charged for obstructing an officer and providing false information on a homicide investigation. Chief Flynn decided to terminate Officer Scott after he "lost confidence in the ability to serve with MPD" and for being unfit to become an permanent officer resulting from the pending case against Scott. Flynn has the sole discretion to fire any officer during their one year probationary period without just cause, according to a news release by the MPD Source.
Officer Scott was hired as a police aide in February 2009 and became a Police Officer in October 2011. She graduated from the Police Academy in March 2012, according to Flynn.
The second officer terminated by Chief Flynn was Milwaukee Police Sergeant Christopher Gull, 44, a 16-year veteran in the department. Sgt. Gull who was assigned to the Technical Communications Division was fired on May 1, for displaying sexually explicit photos and making inappropriate comments to co-workers and subordinates while on duty. Gull's behavior violated the MPD Code of Conduct and was disciplined resuling in his termination from the department.
The third officer is Richard Schoen, 42, a nine year veteran with the department who was also fired on May 1, after an internal investigation found that he beat and stomped on a female prisoner on September 22, 2011 in the back of his squad car while she was handcuffed.
Schoen punched the female prisoner in the face, removed her from the squad by her hair and struck her to the body with his knee, while she was handcuffed in the squad. Schoen conducted a traffic stop of the woman at 9 p.m. in the 4100 block of N. 51st Blvd. The driver became argumentative and used profanity, resulting in her arrest.
Upon arrival at the Police District 7 garage, the prisoner began to stomp her left leg on the floor of the squad and yelled that her leg hurt. Schoen opened the rear passenger door and attempted to pull the prisoner out by the bottom of her shirt. He then entered the rear passenger compartment and struck her in the face. He grabbed her hair and pulled her from the squad. Once on the ground, Schoen delivered a knee strike to the prisoner’s stomach, according to the MPD Source.
Schoen is appealing his termination with the Fire and Police Commission.
Officer Yoron Whitfield, 44, a 21 year veteran with the department was terminated on May 1, for driving under the influence of alcohol. He tested  0.12 blood-alcohol concentration just above the legal limit on February 4.
In March 2011, Whitfield was taken into custody after losing control of his vehicle and ending up in Lincoln Creek. He tested a 0.18 of blood-alcohol concentration. He had a .40 handgun in his possession when the incident occurred. Whitfield was convicted for that drunk driving incident in July 2011.
Chief Flynn admitted that at least 16 officers have been suspended for various department violations, which involved claiming hourly wages they did not earned and doing other unrelated activity while working at the Milwaukee County Jail and Criminal Justice facility.

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