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Cognitive Dissidence Blogger Engages In False And Inaccurate Information On Walker's John Doe Probe

Christopher Liebenthal, aka, "Capper"

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A known socialist blog "Cognitive Dissidence" provided false and misleading information without getting the actual facts about an HNNUSA report.

May 27, 2012

Milwaukee (HNNUSA) - On Saturday, Christopher Liebenthal, aka, "Capper" who blogs on a known socialist and leftist blog "Cognitive Dissidence" provided false and misleading information about H. Nelson Goodson, editor of Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA). Liebenthal posted that Goodson's article "Walker And Five Others To Be Charged In John Doe Probe After The June Election" at link: was false. Liebenthal reasoning to write that it was false, simply because in his belief, the HNNUSA report would some how keep voters from voting in the June 5 election. HNNUSA was just breaking news and no actual studies exist that such news reporting would actually keep people from voting.
Liebenthal, a social worker at Milwaukee County and member of Local 645 Milwaukee Area Labor Council failed to provide any fact finding investigative information that Goodson's breaking news that Governor Scott Walker (R) and five others are expected to be charged after the June 5 election in the John Doe probe was inaccurate. But how ironic, Liebenthal in his posting also agreed, that he expects Governor Walker to be charged some time after the election. "I do believe that Walker and several others will be indicted, but I have no idea as of when," Liebenthal wrote.
Liebenthal was suspended for 10 days without pay in early 2011 from his Milwaukee County job for using a work computer over a course of a year for his personal business and wasting county time, Geri Lyday, interim director of the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed last year.
Liebenthal has attempted to distort certain facts about Goodson and actually seemed to have lost any credibilty that he had left as a blogger, one might assume. His readers with any common sense should also question Liebenthal where he got the idea that a news breaking report will keep voters from voting.
Liebenthal claimed that Goodson is a right wing and a close associate of Aaron Rodriguez, a conservative blogger with the Hispanic Conservative, which Goodson denied and said, "It is blatant inaccurate and false information that Liebenthal is posting on his socialist blog."
Goodson said, "I'm not a right wing as Liebenthal wants people or his readers to believe. He must be dreaming or sleep writing in his blog, one might think."
"Mr. Liebenthal never took the time to actually verify his information about my person. I don't know Mr. Rodriguez personally, but have followed his posted and published articles, as I do with all media and blog postings that are of interest and news worthy," Goodson said. 
It seems, Liebenthal also failed to do a follow up when Goodson and HNNUSA broke a story back in November 2011 when Goodson first reported that the Recall Walker campaign organizers had surpassed the halfway mark to recall Walker, shortly after the recall began. In fact, the Democrats and organizers were forced to release the actual numbers several days later showing that indeed they had surpassed the halfway mark of petition signatures needed to recall Walker.
Liebenthal must have missed the Democrat announcement because Goodson indeed was the breaking HNNUSA blogger news source to report that they had surpassed the halfway mark.
One thing for sure, Liebenthal is just expressing his sole opinion on his blog and shouldn't be taken seriously due to a lack of any fact finding skills for a mere blogger. He strongly believes that a conspiracy by HNNUSA is trying to hamper the recall election, but in real life reporting, Goodson was just reporting breaking news as it was happening before anyone else or main stream media.
Mr. Liebenthal should no doubt continue to blog for entertainment purposes, but someday he might become a credible blogger. If he stops dreaming while sleep writing in his blog, we hope.

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