Tuesday, May 8, 2012

La Tosca, Zeta Female Leader And Alleged Mass Killer Arrested In Nuevo Leon, Mexico

María Guadalupe Jiménez López, aka, "La Tosca"

Female Zeta leader implicated in 20 homicides.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 8, 2012

Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico - On Tuesday, Mexican authorities reported the arrest of María Guadalupe Jiménez López, 26, aka, "La Tosca" who is accused of leading a Zeta cell in Nuevo León. Jorge Domene Zambrano, Spokesman for the Nuevo León Investigatiion Agency (AEI) announced that on May 1, López and six members of the Zetas had been taken into custody in the municipality of Guadalupe. The were stopped by AEI agents when they were spotted driving a stolen vehicle without license plates in the Guadalupe Victoria neigborhood.
Those arrested with López were Raúl Hernández Martínez Muñoz, 20, aka, "El Negro," César Alberto Urbina Rodríguez, 18, aka, "El Pippen," Miguel Ángel Salas Valdés, 26, aka, "El Miqui," Julia Alcantar Briseño, 49, Perla Cecilia Hernández Alcantar, 18, and Virginia Elizabeth Galván Alcantar, 30. The three woman worked at a bar in Guadalupe, according to Zambrano.
López and the six suspects allegedly were involved and are expected to be charged with multiple homicides, kidnappings, extortion and the distribution of drugs in the region.
López allegedly extorted money from 14 businesses and in return her group provided protection.
López is also believed to have participated in 20 homicides and in the death of a law enforcement investigator Antonio Montiel Álvarez. López and two members of the Zetas managed to kill Álvarez during an ambuse while he patrolled an area, according to the criminal complaint.

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