Saturday, May 19, 2012

Four Victims Reported Shot Overnight Near UW-Madison

Three victims hospitalized for gunshot related injuries near the University of Wisconsin-Madison and another alleged victim left the crime scene, according to Madison police.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 19, 2012

Madison - Early Saturday, Madison police are investigating what some witnesses are describing as a lone black male shooter that left four people injured with non-life threatening injuries. Police responded to a shooting after 1:00 a.m. on Saturday at the 600 block of University Ave. A 26-year-old woman and two men, ages 23 and 18 were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment after being shot. Another unidentified victim left the scene before police arrived.
The victims were among a crowd that was outside two adjacent bars, Danny O's and the Segredo bars when the shooting incident occurred. A suspect got into an altercation with some patrons outside a bar. He then took out a handgun and fired at the crowd striking at least four victims. Police haven't confirmed, if the suspect shot the intended victim.
Investigators at the crime scene found a blood trail near the shooting and believe a fourth victim must have left the scene to avoid treatment or questioning by police. Police could not determined how serious the fourth victim had been injured and are trying to locate the victim.
Police are treating the shooting incident as an attempted homicide. Several video surveillance cameras in the crime scene vacinity caught footage of a black male suspect, between the ages of 20-25 and 5'9" to 6' in height who took out a weapon, fired multiple shots at a crowd and then fled on foot. The suspect has not been identified as of yet, but he is being sought by Madison police.
The crime scene area was closed by police until pass 5:00 a.m., according to residents in the block.

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