Monday, April 9, 2018

Milwaukee White Cops Accused Of Police Brutality Against Black Passenger Youth During Traffic Stop For No Lights

A Black teen passenger of a vehicle was pulled from a vehicle and arrested by Milwaukee police officers.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

Arpil 9, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Sunday, Quelle Robinson posted a video on Facebook showing what she called police brutality by White officers of the Milwaukee Police Department against a Black youth. Apparently, the vehicle was stopped by police because it had no head lights on and a male Black youth passenger was pulled from the vehicle by police because he refused to get out of the car when ordered. He had placed his hands on the dashboard. The 18-year-old Black male was arrested while the female driver and two other females including an 8-year-old girl were in the back seat who witnessed the incident and feared for their lives. A police officer searched the vehicle without permission and the cop searching also threatened the teen video recording with arrest, if she got any closure to him while he proceeded to search the car. The White cop is heard telling her, "you want to be next." Family members had to pick up the 18-year-old teen at the Milwaukee Police Station District 3rd. 
No drugs or weapons were found in the vehicle, according to police.
The male teen was cited for not complying with an officer to get out of the vehicle and the female driver was cited for driving without headlights.
Lena  C. Taylor, who is a Wisconsin State Senator posted the following post on the thread, "Spoke to the them. All are safe but the trauma from this ordeal is way to common and requires FPC action, town hall where youth speak to the mayor and chief (which the mayor promised to do after my son was harassed and he never did) so the youth can speak about how they are treated and what should be changed."
Robinson wrote the following to describe what had happened, "04/08/2018 a day I'll never forget This is my live video. Tonight we could've been another statistic, another hashtag, victims of police brutality, but i serve an awesome god! There is no flame he can not tame, no evil he will not reveal. My city and my people are under attack. Please share this with family friends whom ever you deem necessary, 4 black children in a car, our rights were violated, our lives at risk, our safety in danger! I don't know what to say right now my 8 year old sister, SHE IS EIGHT YEARS OLD; just turned to me and said she thought we were going to die!"
Apparently, the male teen and several officers reported light scrapes and a police sergeant told the female teens that he had viewed a body camera from one of the officers for three minutes and determined that the officers acted legally.
The victims and family are expected to file a complaint about the incident with the Fire and Police Commission.

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