Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Holly Hylton, Former Starbucks Manager In Philadelphia Who Called Police On Two Black Men Outed Out On Social Network

The female manager at the Philadelphia Starbucks who called police on two Black men and resulted in the arrested of both men while they were waiting for another person has voluntarily left employment with Starbucks.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 17, 2018

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - The female manager who called 911 on Thursday to report that two Black men who were later identified as Rashon Nelson, 23, and Donte Robinson, 23, had refused to leave the Starbucks Store #17767 at the 1800 block od Spurce Street has voluntary left her employment in a mutual agreement with the Starbucks Company. The former manager has been identified as Holly Hylton, 31, by Facebook posts circulating in Facebook.
Apparently, Hylton had posted prior employment FB posts criticizing Mexicans and other minorities when ordering or making purchases where she was employed.
Two Black men were taken into custody on Thursday without incident and were faciing trespassing charges for failing to leave when asked. The two men were released after being booked and spent in 8 hours in jail when Starbucks decided not to press charges and no crime was committed. Protests erupted at the Starbucks Store where the men were arrested and call's for Hylton to get fired were made by protesters and customers of Starbucks.
The two men that were arrested have hired an attorney. The Starbucks Company has apologize and on May 29th will close all (8,000) of the stores in the afternoon to provide training on racial-bias sensitivity.
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson called Hylton's action "reprehensible."
Starbucks training comes after word spread on the social network to boycott Starbucks.

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