Saturday, November 8, 2014

Update: LULAC's Major Scandal And Travesty Of Justice Within National Board Elections

Power struggle and legal challenge to keep termed-out LULAC National Board members in reign leading to a possible fallout of financial support by corporate America.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 8, 2014

New York, New York - On Friday in the case of Eduardo LeGuerre v. LULAC, a travesty of justice seems to prevail as time and days continue to expire and keeping Magdalena "Maggie" Rivera from taking office as the newly elected LULAC National President for 2014. A federal court judge ordered for respondents to submit why the case of Eduardo LeGuerre v. LULAC should remain in the New York court system or be moved to Texas as the challenging petitioners have filed. The dateline to submit evidence by respondents is November 25. But unfortunately for Rivera, the next hearing will be March 22, 2015 when the federal judge would rule on the case whether to keep the case in the NY court system or allow a transfer to Texas.
Taking note, in February a new slate of candidates for the LULAC National Board will begin to emerge once again, meaning that Rivera has been denied the right to be elected as the first woman from Illinois to serve as National President. In LULAC's 85 years of existence, no member has ever been elected national president other than from Texas where LULAC originated. Is it discrimination or greed among state members from Texas who don't  want to relinquish ownership of said non-profit organization, some might believe.
In reality, the organization's current termed-out national heads are a disgrace to its existence and founding father. LULAC had a reputation of fighting for justice, the right for individuals to vote and participate in elections, but within its national board, they do deny the same basic rights to their own membership. It seems that the termed-out LULAC National President, Margaret Moran and her supporters, including personal legal advisers wanted to keep her in the job (career) a bit longer and to continue to collect more than $60K in salary per year and benefits.
Will the organization survive, indeed it will, but the recent 85th National Board elections and scandal in NY last Summer has tarnished its reputation and might also keep major corporations from donating to LULAC.
Why would any major corporation donate funds to an organization that basically denies its own membership the right to elect their own choice of national board members? Major reform is strongly needed at the top-level of the LULAC national organization.
All the principal parties involved in the case were contacted by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) for comment.


Manuel Hernandez-Gonzalez said...

It is understandable, inexplicable, and incomprehensible. It looks like that the court is the only resource to take this women demit.
I regret I voted for her three times, I treated her like a queen every time she visited Puerto Rico. I cater her like a lady, but never knew she could do something like this. But why? What is she thrashing?

The king of Tortillas said...


H. Nelson Goodman/Manuel Hernandez-Gonzalez, you only got half of the information that lead to the decision of the LULAC Convention Election Judge! The Election Judge is the only one who can open and close an Election, it was Election Judge to call.

You didn’t hear that 25 LULAC Councils were denied LULAC membership in Puerto Rico even though the new LULAC Councils were created by an attorney who is Puerto Rican. The LULAC Credentials Committee wanted to include the newly created LULAC Councils from Puerto Rico, but were prohibited by the Temporary Retraining Order. Why did the Puerto Rican State Director and officers deny the participation of the newly created LULAC Councils in Puerto Rico? Because it is believed that the new LULAC Councils in Puerto Rico were not Maggie Rivera for LULAC President supporters!

Do LULAC Districts Directors normally deny membership to newly created LULAC Councils? No!
Why did the Puerto Rican State Director and officers deny the participation of the newly created LULAC Councils? Because it is believe that the new LULAC Councils were not Maggie Rivera supporters!
There may more to the story, but half lies or truths only hurts LULAC! I have been a LULAC member since 1975 and I will continue to be a LULAC member! If I am wrong in my assessment, then correct me. I support the decision that was made at the New York LULAC Convention and look forward to Utah, and we shall put this matter behind us and look forward to a productive LULAC future.

Robert Martinez,
Texas State LULAC Civil Rights Co-Chair

Diana Perez said...

I have the upmost respect for our National LULAC leaders. The approach to which the elections took place this past summer is unacceptable and embarrasing. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed, then as "leaders" you follow the process established. You don't create chaos and distrust by attacking your brothers and sisters who carry this great organization. Not only do you tarnish the organization with blasting such articles as this, you discredit the legacy of LULAC as a whole. Que verguenza - por eso estamos como estamos. I've lost respect for those who are forcing themselves into becoming an officer in order to further their own narrow selfish political views in a sinister and treasonous manner. We could do better as Latino leaders.

H. Nelson Goodson said...

Attn: Mr. Robert Martinez, the NY TRO is posted online and it doesn't seek for any LULAC Council or even from PR to be denied participation. It only seeks for the Election judge to be prevented from using certain rules during the election.
If anyone denied the PR Councils participation, it was from the status quo decision to do so as it was done. The election judge and Ms. Margaret Moran including their legal advisor made the call.
Apparently, the membership at the assembly with quorum and following the bylaws and LULAC Constitution held the elections, according to what transpired at the 85th National LULAC Convention in NY.
Despite the events, the termed-out National officers continued to reign. Will it happen again in the next election and next?
The election should have never been canceled or was it a move for a power grab and not allow another member from a different state to be elected other than from Texas? The facts are there to be be witnessed. Only National LULAC presidents from Texas have been elected in 85 years, correct me if I'm wrong. What a shame that such incidents and blatant discrimination still happens within LULAC National, especially when most that are involved are highly educated and should know better. It's a travesty of justice for its own membership.
When will the membership wake up and set real reforms to avoid any future cancelation of national elections and do some serious reform by replacing some of those getting salaries (careers) who are part of the problem?


H.Nelson Goodson