Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson's Fury Bursts Into Flames!

Protesters ignited businesses, several St. Louis County Police vehicles and looting reported after Ferguson Grand Jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for Michael Brown's murder on August 9.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
November 24, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri - On Monday, hundreds of protesters marched demanding justice for Michael Brown, 18, and others ignited businesses, several St. Louis County Police vehicles and looting was reported at businesses, according to police. Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) on Sunday first reported that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, 28, would not get indicted by a Grand Jury for Brown's murder on August 9. HNNUSA believed a leak from the Grand Jury was circulating in social media and picked it up.
St. Louis County District Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that there was no probable cause to indict Officer Wilson for Brown's homicide. Wilson is expected to get reinstated back into the Ferguson Police Department (FPD), according to the FPD chief of police.
A spectator of the Ferguson melee says, "Why don't we see mass protests by Afro-Americans in comunities like Chicago where a high murder rate on black on black crime is reported?"
About a dozen buildings burning in Ferguson, at least 150 shots fired (no one shot), several St. Louis County Police vehicles totally burned, officers were thrown rocks, but no serious injuries of officers or protesters reported, according to Jon Belmar, St. Louis County Police Chief. Belmar was expecting a peaceful protest and didn't know that Officer Wilson was not going to get indicted. One reported carjacking and the victim was ran over by suspects during the Ferguson melee.
29 people were arrested during the chaotic protest. "We did everything to prevent this...but we will continue with the plan we had...I didn't perceived this would happen," Belmar stated.
In nearby Dellwood, multiple buildings and more than seven cars were set on fire at a car lot.
Media sources reported more than 12 businesses were burned in Ferguson.

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