Wednesday, November 19, 2014

McPherson And Tanner Wanted In Thailand For Stealing Body Parts From Government Medical Museums

Several American Bumfight producers were tied to missing body parts from two Bangkok hospitals with government medical museums by video surveillance camera recordings, Thai police say.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 19, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand - Ryan Edward McPherson, 31, aka, "Ryen McPherson" and Daniel Jamon Tanner, 33, both Americans are wanted in Thailand for theft of body parts from two Siriraj Hospital museums and making false statements to Royal Thai Police investigators. On Saturday, authorities in Thailand found body parts in three boxes destined to the U.S. 
DHL workers in the Pathum Thani province noticed the body parts when the packages were scanned and notified police. Police found a child's skull and severed foot sliced in three pieces in one box and on a second box they recovered a man's heart and multiple pieces of skin with tattoos.
McPherson and Tanner were detained and then questioned by the Royal Thai Police (TRP), but were later released. They told police that the body parts were bought for $100 each at a street flea market, but couldn't remember where. They wanted to surprise some friends in Las Vegas, Nevada, so they attempted to mail the packages to the U.S., police say.
After being released from questioning, they fled to Cambodia. Thai police has informed the U.S. Embassy that they are seeking extradition for both suspects.
The TRP is seeking for INTERPOL to send out a wanted alert in an attempt to locate McPherson and Tanner in Cambodia. The TRP will also seek the help of the FBI in the U.S. to get more information about the suspects.
Police learned that the body parts were stolen by McPherson and Tanner after reviewing video surveillance recording dated November 13 from two Bangkok hospitals with government museums showing both suspects at the museums. They were both registered at the museums as visitors on the same day that they arrived in Bangkok, according to police. 
On Tuesday, police issued warrants for the two suspects. McPherson and Tanner are facing up to 7 years each in prison, if convicted and up to $500,00 Thai baht  ($15,120 U.S.) in fines.
McPherson and Tanner produced the controversial Bumfights in the U.S.

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