Friday, February 28, 2014

Ugandan Government Fuels Hate, Prosecution And Even Murder With Anti-gay Law

Unidentified Ugandan men believed to be homosexual were brutally beaten to death and one was burned alive in December as children, men and women including police just watched.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 28, 2014

Uganda - On Monday, President of Uganda, Yoweri Miseveni signed an Anti-gay bill into law that provides stiff sentences for those who don't report gay and lesbian people, also sentences gay and lesbians to a 14-year prison term for first offenders and life in prison for repeat offenders found guilty of "agravated homosexuality," if convicted for same sex preferences. Miseveni signed the bill after doctors convinced him that "homosexuality was not genetic, but a social behavior."
The bill prohibits the "promotion" or "recognition" of same sex relationships, even by any government entity or non-governmental organizations inside or outside Uganda. The new bill promotes hate for gay and lesbian Ugandans,  who now will be prosecuted or targeted by anti-gay mobs that can result in torture, mutilation, murder and people being burned alive.
All across Africa, reports have surfaced that gays and lesbians have been attacked by police, beaten and even brutally killed. Even some newspapers in Africa have exposed gay equal rights activists to the government and public for prosecution or death by mobs.
The day after the bill was signed, the Red Pepper newspaper in Uganda published in its front page photos and the names of at least 200 people who are allegedly gay or lesbians. 
In November 2010, the Rolling Stone newpaper in Uganda exposed 100 gay and lesbian people and included photos. The month after, the newspaper exposed another ten people believed to be gay.

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