Saturday, February 8, 2014

Armed Commando Group Slaughtered Eight Members Of A Guatemala Family

Armed group invaded a rural Petén farm and killed eight family members including two children and a farm helper. The ninth victim, a woman was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 8, 2014

San Luis, Petén, Guatemala - On Saturday,  Ismael Cifuentes, spokesman for the Guatemalan military confirmed that an armed commando group around 6:00 a.m. invaded a rural farm in San Joaquín in the municipality of San Luis and massacred eight members of a family including two children ages 5 and three months, one woman and five men. A ninth victim, a woman was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.
Two other women ages 40 and 53 who were injured inside the dwelling survived. Authorities found the bodies near a bed and on the floor inside the dwelling.
According to some reports, the suspects were looking for a man believed to be a hired assassin, when he wasn't located, they just massacred the victims. The rural farm where the massacre took place is located in the Northern region of Guatemala and is controlled by los Zetas, a Mexican Cartel and criminal organization, Guatemalan government sources revealed.
Some of the victims were identified as Manuel Caal Xo, 55, Irma Caal Yat, Óscar Xol Cucul, 27, Francisco Xol Cucul, César Xol Cucul, Jakelin Xol Cucul, 5, and 3-month-old Luna Estrella Xol, according to neighbors.

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