Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hundreds Of Workers For The Sinaloa Cartel Marched To Demand The Release Of El Chapo

Photos courtesy of El Debate 

At least 20 people were detained after water bottles were tossed at police when they attempted to disperse the crowds in Culiacán.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 27, 2014

Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico -  On Wednesday, El Debate reported that more than 1,000 people in support for the Sinaloa Cartel marched to the Culiacán state municipal government building to demand for druglord Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, 56, aka, El Chapo to be release from the Altiplano federal prison. At least 20 of Chapo's supporters were taken into custody after a confrontation ended with throwing water bottles at local police that attempted to disperse the crowds around 8:00 p.m..
Sinaloa Governor Mario López Valdez confirmed 20 arrests, and said that he was surprized to see "thousands of people" in support of El Chapo. He said, some of the paricipants admitted they were paid at least $500 pesos ($39 U.S.), also tamales and drinks were given out at the march. Others participated because live bands were playing and wanted to party, according to Valdez.
Men with musical instruments led the marchers who have become worried that they will no longer have jobs with El Chapo. Even young students dressed in their school uniforms joined the march.
They claim that Guzmán Loera has been the only one that had given them jobs in the rural mountains where he was raised. Most of the marchers were wearing white shirts that read, "I love El Chapo" others carried signs that read "Sinaloa wants El Chapo freed," "We don't want another war, free El Chapo," "Chapo make me a child," "Joaquín Guzman gave us jobs, corrupt politicians haven't," "Don't extradite El Chapo, free him," according to El Debate.
A small engine plane and a helicopter tossed out thousands of flyers in support of El Chapo. The state authorities were able to pick some of the fliers up. The flier called for people to come out in support of El Chapo, the "Sinaloa hero" and announced that the march would begin at the entrance of Guamúchil and end at Puente Negro.
In Guamúchil within the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, an estimated 500 of Chapo's supporters marched in demand for his release. More people gathered and marched in Mocorito as well.
Also on Wednesday, Mexican federal authorities charged Guzmán Loera with two counts of possessing weapons exclusively used by the military and for organized crime. Each count was filed in several states. Multiple other counts are pending according to the federal Attorney General's Office (PGRF). The PGRF confirmed that five warrants for the arrest of Guzmán Loera for organized crime had been fulfilled. 
Guzmán Loera will soon begin serving a 13-year prison sentence from a prior 20-year conviction jail term. He escaped in 2001 from the Puente Grande federal prison and had been a fugitive for 13-years until he was taken into custody last Saturday at the Miramar Tower Hotel in Mazatlán.

(News video) 1,000 people marched to free El Chapo in Culiacán

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