Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photos Used By Some Media Outlets Of Children Trained To Shoot Migrants False

The CBP confirmed some photos taken during an event to show how law enforcement deal with threatening suspects were falsely portrayed as children being trained to shoot at migrants or undocumented immigrants.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 1,  2014 

San Jose, California - The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) based in San Diego has confirmed that photos published by El Excelsior, Univision San Diego, UniradioInforma dot com depicting agents showing children how to shoot migrants (mannequin targets) with paint balls were used in false pretense. Excelsior quoted Pedro Ríos, director of Amigos de las Américas that CBP agents were training children near the San Diego-Tijuana border on how to shoot migrants or undocumented immigrants when they are encountered.
The photos went viral on the Internet and social media outlets. Jackie Wasiluk, spokesperson for the San Diego CBP released the following statement, "Media reports that the U.S. Border Patrol provides training on how to "attack migrants" are patently false. The photos published as part of these allegations were from a local event meant to bring members of the community together to build relationships and increase awareness about law enforcement. The U.S. Border Patrol, in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies in the area, participated in this local public exposition in June 2013, which included displays, demonstrations and activities. This specific activity was meant to create awareness about law enforcement tools used to address some violent situations without the use of deadly force. The U.S. Border Patrol takes pride in participating in community events to help build awareness about our activities and operations."

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