Monday, February 3, 2014

Joe Bravo's Shoutout To Mend Broken Ties With Daughter

Daughter Lisa M. Arraiga Dorantes and Joe Bravo

Facebook has turned into a possible daughter and father mending avenue for Joe Bravo, one of the Super Tejano legends still alive, but aging.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 3, 2014

Austin, Texas - On Sunday, a revealing chapter of Joe Bravo's personal life has been posted on his Facebook page (FB), which many might not have noticed, but the intend is obvious that Bravo misses a once close relationship with his loving daughter, Lisa M. Arriaga Dorantes. Now, Bravo happens to have a flashback when Lisa was once a proud daugther. Then Bravo asked the semi-ultimate question a father who misses his beloved daughter would ask, "Where is that love now?" 
A few Facebook users following Bravo and added friends respond to his shoutout in an attempt to get an answer. One of the most interesting comments posted on Bravo's FB, was from Lisa's husband, Robert Dorantes, "I think you really need to stop bro, you made her feel like a queen for 35 years then kick her, her mother to the crub, call her a liar, never call her or your grandkids, all for another "women" and your looking for love???? Tas kido Loco , sique tu Camino homes, no quiern nada contigo. El amor que te falta que te lo de la prieta y todo tus fans. Te wacho!!!!" Ouch, that's heavy.
Wow, isn't this a set for a Facebook reality saga of true Tejano family love, misunderstandings, relationships and the grandkids being left out from the family circle of love? Well, if Robert is right and Bravo hasn't called his duaghter, grandkids or even stopped to see them, well Bravo needs to swallow his pride (no disrespect) and gasup his vehicle and take a drive because they all live in Texas.
Bravo seems to be reaching out with his post and he should be an expert to making connections. Because most of Bravo's songs have been very instrumental in some way or other in touching people's lives, feelings and emotions. Even some of his best songs have triggered marriages made in heaven, divorces, celebrations and not forgetting reminiscenting to flashbacks and good old times. I can vouch for that. Lol
A father's love and care for his daughter never ends, but sometimes gets over shadowed by confusion, misunderstandings, disbeliefs and hot air, which sooner or later cools down. Once cool, reasoning heads prevail, fathers and daughters come to realize that there is no power strong enough to destroy their love within the family. Like they say, blood is thicker than water.
Aging is one factor that many maturing parents have to deal with for the simple reason, we want to live longer than what is planned for us. What parent wouldn't want to be there to see their daughter maturing gracefully and their grandkids mature to adulthood?
Only time can allow for both Bravo and his daughter to reconcile differences before time runs out. It's never to late to say, I'm sorry for the sorrow I've caused you. Can you forgive me Mija or Dad?
Enjoy your family for generations to come, defeat time. Hopefully, Bravo and his loving daughter Lisa can reconcile their differences and Robert could be the mediator to bring them together. 

Update on Bravo's reality Facebook saga. (Click on image to enlarge)

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