Monday, February 17, 2014

Telemundo63 Fails To Recognize The Latino Community For Its Efforts To Restore UFW Mural In Milwaukee's South Side

Genie Garner, news director CBS58 and Jose G. Perez, 12th District Alderman


Telemundo63 recognized Alderman Perez for the issue concerning the UFW vandalized mural.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 17, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - Just in case you missed it, but CBS58/Telemundo63 WDJT television made a big blooper. How, well they invited the administrator of Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (Yours truly) for an interview about the success of saving, preserving and touching up the UFW mural that was vandalized with graffiti at 1618 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive for over four weeks. On Sunday, someone went over and touched it up after a Facebook posting by HNNUSA made it a community issue.
After spending over an hour with a new reporter for Telemundo, Cristina Navarrete during a heavy snow storm at the Lopez Bakery in Milwaukee's South side discussing how members of the community came together to save the mural, it was censored. Well the only one getting credit was 12th District Alderman Jose Perez who actually didn't do anything to fix or save it. He blamed the owner of the property for not fixing or touching up the graffiti. 
Perez is a member of the Anti-Graffiti Policy Committee and failed to visit the property owner. Maybe Perez has been busy with other issues people might debate. We sure like to know?
Alderman Perez is well paid by the tax payers. Perez is no Alderman Bob Donovan who is known for getting things done in the 8th Aldermanic District.
Maybe Telemundo63 management (Genie Garner, news director for CBS58) used Ald. Perez as a scapegoat or was it Perez that had them censor the news worthy item by HNNUSA? Who knows, but one thing for sure CBS58/Telemundo63 is doing a disservice to our community and our community should pull its advertising dollars from the station, especially when it seems that they don't engaged in fair news reporting. You can decide on that comment.
Yes once again, Telemundo63 censored the actual interview and reported that Alderman Perez blamed the owner of the property about not touching up or fixing the UFW mural. Perez told Telemundo63 that the owner had until Feb. 27 to deal with the UFW mural. Telemundo63 didn't even give credit to the "Campaign to touch up and preserve the UFW Mural" or the people and person who saved the mural. Why? They got the scoop from HNNUSA.  
How sad, that the Hispanic community efforts to do something positive is not recognized by a White owned WDJT television station. But who cares, they can't hide reality. ¡Mi gente primero! 
By the way, Alderman Perez might have lost a re-election vote from that property and less people might be watching CBS58 and Telemundo63. Shameful!

Here's the real story behind the UFW Mural. 

UFW Trademark Mural Touch Up And Preservation Campaign On Chavez Drive Succeeds

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