Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Caracas In Flames!

College student model, Miss Tourism of Carabobo 2013, Génesis Carmona, 22, died Wednesday of a gunshot wound to the head. Images coming out of San Cristóbal; Valencia, Carabobo and Caracas shows city sections in Venezuela are burning tonight.

Photos courtesy of Rosa Panama López

Caracas is burning as protests against the Maduro government continues.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 19, 2014

Caracas, Venezuela - On Wednesday, parts of the city of Caracas went up in flames as government troops and protesters clash. Five people have already been reported killed in the pro- and anti-government protest. Those killed were Bassil Alejandro Da Costa, 24, who was shot in the head (2/12/2014), Robert Redman, 24, shot in the neck (2/12/2014), José Méndez Gómez, 17, was run over by national guard vehicle (2/17/2014) and Génesis Carmona, 22, was shot in the head (2/19/2014).
Leopoldo Lopez has turned himself to the Venezuelan national guard,  but unrest is widespread and his supporters vowed to continue to protest.
Anti-government protesters blame President Nicolas Maduro and his government for the high murder rate that reached 24,763 in 2013. 
On Tuesday, thousands of Maduro followers came out in support of their president.
Lopez is being charged for inciting crowds and violence during the past few days.
Lopez in a video release claims, Maduro's allegations are false and denies any involvement with inciting violence during the anti-government protests.

Video from Caracas posted on Wednesday shows security forces chasing and then killing a civilian as witnesses yell murderers to troops and bang on pots and pans as a protest at link: Civilian Killed

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