Friday, February 21, 2014

Dead Toll Rising In Venezuela As Military Launches Assault On Demonstrators

Photos: #Táchira

President Maduro has launched a major military regime oppression assault in Táchira and other states in Venezuela to restore order.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 21, 2014

Táchira, Venezuela - On Friday, more than 3,000 Venezuelan troops have arrived in the state of Táchira, including F-16 jet fighters, tanks and armed helicopters to squash anti-government demonstrations and a freedom resistance. Security forces are also using water cannons to disperse street crowds.
Anti-government groups say, they will continue their demonstrations nationally today and Saturday. Maduro has blamed the U.S. for funding the escalation of demonstrations in Venezuela. 
The dead toll and wounded casualties are rising in multiple states, according to information being posted in social networks. All types of communication is being blocked, Internet service was shut down and any information or photos, including local news reports censored by President Nicolás Maduro. The Venezuela government had revoked CNN's authorized news access. CNN had also been expelled from the country, but Maduro later decided to allow CNN to continue news coverage in Venezuela.
Maduro has ordered all demonstrators arrested and for military forces to use deadly force when necessary against what he is labeling fascists (freedom resistance). But security forces and Cuban mercenaries are just shooting at anyone they suspect is anti-government,  according to postings on the Internet coming out of Venezuela. 
In San Cristóbal, Cuban paramilitary groups have been invading homes and taking out suspected anti-government civilians, according to Twitter postings reporting on Táchira. Internet service has been shut down for over 36 hours in San Cristóbal. 
Maracaibo and others states are reporting oppressive actions by Maduro's military,  but Maduro calls it restoring order (with an iron fist). Some resistance throughout the night led to molotov cocktail throwing by civilians in response to Maduro's oppression. 
A video going viral on the Internet shows Maduro banning demonstrations without a permit according to law, but in contrary it also shows former late President Hugo Chavez responding that over 1,500 peaceful demonstrations had taken place in Venezuela and not one soldier or police officer ever intervened. Chavez says, that Venezuelan people don't need a permit to peacefully demonstrate and to express an opinion. Maduro believes otherwise.
A female student was reported killed at Ferrero Tamayo in Táchira by security forces.
This is the posted Spanish message going viral on the Internet from Táchira, ""SOS Tachira.. Nos están atacando con Armas de Guerra.. Nos están Ametrallando... La Única forma que tenemos para comunicarnos es por BB nos cortaron todo tipo de Comunicación... Ayudenos.. Mucha gente Muerta y miles de herídos.. SOS Difundelo para que llegue al Exterior... Estamos Peleando y resistiendo por toda Venezuela!Aviones y helicópteros de guerra, F 16 y Superpumas, sobre vuelan San Cristóbal. Acaban de matar a una estudiante en la Ferrero Tamayo en Tachira, pocas personas saben, por twitter no nos podemos comunicar, no hay red, ayuda pueblo Tachira esta sin Internet.. pásalo e informa a los demás estados para que alerten a los periodistas y emisoras!En caso que no puedas hacer nada ORA, ORA y ORA por ese pueblo valiente!"
Miguel Torres Rodríguez,  the Venezuelan Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace announced that the bullet that killed Miss Tourism 2013 of Carabobo, Génisis Carmona, 22, a college student model came from within the demonstrators. But, anti-government groups dispute Rodríguez claim and say, Maduro's military infiltrated the peaceful demonstration and began to shoot indiscriminately at the crowds to cause chaos that led to mass panic and reaction from demonstrators.

A Venezuelan national march has been called for Saturday. President Nicolás Maduro has said, "No permit, No march." But the Venezuelan Republican Constitution allows the people of Venezuela to ignore him. (Click on image to enlarge)

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