Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dyer's Farce Bigfoot Specimen Billed As Real By The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema In Houston

Rick Dyer

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in the Houston area promotes Dyer's Bigfoot farce corpse as real in its website, but then doubts it. Will the cinemas in Mason Park and Vintage Park be liable or get into a costly legal battle with state officials for intend to mislead people into believing Dyer's Bigfoot is real for the purpose to make money by selling tickets to view a fake Bigfoot specimen?

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 5, 2014

Houston, Texas - Venues or businesses that promote an event or a show for the purpose to charge a fee, especially when the promotion is advertising that a Bigfoot specimen to be exhibited is being billed as real, instead of fake would no doubt be considered false advertising. Las Vegas hoaxter Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter and tracker has scheduled a two-day showing of his alleged $6,000 fake prop of Bigfoot at the Drafthouse Cinemas for January 24 and 25. Also, a screening video will be shown during the event. (The alleged estimated cost of the prop and inquiry by Dyer to make a fake Bigfoot was reported by Bigfoot Tracker News blog dated 2/3/2014.)
Dyer is expected to also sell t-shirts that say, "Bigfoot is Real." Other items, including videos will be available for purchase.
The Drafthouse Cinemas website posted, "Join us at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema as we pull back the curtain and offer up a rare opportunity to come face-to-face with the lifeless corpse of one of nature's most elusive animals...Is this the real corpse of Bigfoot? In the end, it is up to you to discover the truth."
Even by this promotional ad, the Drafthouse Cinemas can't even confirm or provide any evidence that the specimen of Bigfoot is actually real to sanction it from any liability or state inquiry. But  it is strongly implying that it is, but since they can't verify, well it's up to the customer to decide. 
The Drafthouse Cinemas credibility and reputation is the hands of a self-confessed hoaxter, Dyer.
One thing for sure, Dyer has gotten recent publicly about his specimen, but no one the Bigfoot community enthusiasts are taking him seriously. Because, if the specimen was real, every known scientist, news outlet and others would be the first to recognize what would be one of most rarest discovery in the 21st century.
On a January 6 and 7 e-mail correspondence between Racer-X and Hunter, an official with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Hunter wrote that "There are no Bigfoot or Sasquatch" and "100% hoax." (Source: Copies of e-mails posted on Bigfoot Tracker News blog 2/3/2014)

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