Sunday, January 19, 2014

Undocumented Woman and Florida Recruiters Want Those In Need To Apply For Government Federal Assistant Programs

Florida public assistance recruiters working to get the state of Florida about $1B in federal aid.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 19, 2014

Florida - A posted YouTube video by an FOX News Special Report has gone viral depicting a 50-year-old undocumented woman advocating for those in need to apply for federal assistance,  including undocumented Immigrants with U.S. born children. Marita Nelson, a resident of Florida claims she is an undocumented immigrant who crossed into the U.S. illegally about twenty years ago and since then has been collecting federal assistance for her seven children. She currently collects $240 in food stamps, a montly medical healthcare aid, and about $700 in housing assistance and housing allowance. 
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, is available for people with annual incomes, single under $900 and families below an earning income of $15,000.
Nelson's report and news video first surfaced back in May 2013 , which also detailed that her ex-male companions have paid child support for the children born out of wedlock. She was singled and has never held a job to pay taxes, according to the report.
The video report about Nelson just recently resurfaced again and has gone viral on the internet. 
In Florida, privately funded recruiters are also paid to sign up those in need (low income people) for food stamps and other federal aid, so the state of Florida can apply and get about $1 billion in federal assistance. 
Last year, the GOP House of Representatives failed to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill, thus voiding the U.S. Senate version immigration bill. Now, immigrant rights groups and elected officials are hoping to get a bill pas without a path to citizenship.
With the recent NBC report, some anti-immigrant groups will advocate for Congress to forego any reform bill, if it will cost thr government billions.
Its most likely, an immigration reform bill will not be passed in the next six years or depending who keeps control of both houses.

FOX News Special Report with Marital Nelson at link:

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