Friday, January 10, 2014

Rivera Charged For Matos-Arzola Death Resulting From Concertina's Bar Armed Robbery

Joel Rivera, José M. Muñoz, Carmelo L. Matos-Arzola and Andrew "Andy" J. Kochanski

Rivera and Muñoz fled the scene, while Muñoz went to Illinois to seek treatment for his gunshot wound in the leg after a failed attempted armed robbery at Milwaukee's South side Concertina bar.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 10, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, Joel Rivera, 25, of Sturtevant was charged with felony murder in connection with the August 16, 2013 death of Carmelo L. Matos-Arzola, 26, at the Concertina bar in Milwaukee's South side. Rivera, Matos-Arzola and José M. Muñoz, 22, went to the Concertina bar to rob the place.
The Kochanski's Concertina bar owner, Andrew "Andy" J. Kochanski, 43, fatally shot Matos-Arzola and wounded Muñoz with a .45 Cal. handgun as they attempted to rob the bar with fake guns. Kochanski didn't know at the time they were fake guns. An officer discovered a fake gun outside in the sidewalk where one of the suspects dropped it.
Rivera and Muñoz fled the crime scene. Muñoz went to Illinois seeking medical treatment for his injured leg. Muñoz was wounded in his left leg and buttocks during an attempted armed robbery with BB guns, according to the criminal complaint.
Muñoz was charged with one count of felony murder and armed robbery with use of force and party to a crime as an enhancer. If convicted, Muñoz is facing up to 35 years in prison and a cash bond of $25,000 was set in August.
Rivera is also charged with attempted robbery and party to a crime. He is facing up to 35 years in prison, if convicted. 

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