Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bigfoot Tracker Claims Kill In 2012, But 2008 Hoax Lingers

Photo release of alleged Bigfoot kill and Rick Dyer

Dyer attempts to pull another hoax with a cost to media outlets seeking information and proof of kill.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 7, 2014

San Antonio, Texas - On Saturday, Rick Dyer of California and a self proclaimed Bigfoot Tracker announced through a YouTube video that he had released a photo of Bigfoot to KSAT news station in San Antonio. Dyer says, that he had killed Bigfoot back in September 2012 in a remote San Antonio woods and recently went to the state of Washington to recovered the body after winning a legal battle with investors. 
Dyer had not released any prove of the kill since 2012 and over the weekend released a photo to KSAT.
Every test has been made on the alleged Bigfoot body to prove its real and if media wants to look at it they must bring a check book, according to Dyer. Only some media outlets have shown interest in  following up on Dyer's latest claim that he killed Bigfoot.
But, critics are labelling Dyer's claim as another elaborate hoax like the one he pulled back in 2008, when he filled a costume with meat and attempted to pass it as Bigfoot. Dyer must have found a better taxidermist this time around, according to critics. 
Dyer says, he will exhibit the body of Bigfoot around the U.S. and will charge a fee to view it. He wants people to believe that he actually killed Bigfoot in Texas, which critics doubt.
Dyer also confirmed in his Facebook account that he will appear on Australia's Wake Up 10 on Wednesday. 

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