Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hoaxter Rick Dyer Says, He Killed A Second Bigfoot

Rick Dyer and farce Bigfoot

Known bigfoot hoaxter told followers on Monday, that he killed a second Bigfoot.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 29, 2014

Last Vegas, Nevada - On Monday, Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter, tracker and hoaxter has announced in a YouTube posting on his Facebook page that he killed a second Bigfoot. He recently cancelled a February 9, press conference because some of the scientists who were going to confirm his first kill from September 2012 would not be available. 
He released several photos of the alleged Bigfoot kill, but to date hasn't been able to release any scientific proof.
Dyer says, he just invested a large amount of funds to make t-shirts, signs and other items for his upcoming Bigfoot national tour and promotional campaign. People will be charged a fee for viewing a Bigfoot specimen,  which has been labeled as a farce specimen by many critics that Dyer calls "Haters." A group of taxidermists from Alaska, including Russell Knight, a taxidermist wanted to inspect Dyer's Bigfoot specimen, but he wants $20K upfront for Knight and the others to inspect it.
He told followers on Tuesday, that in 2008 he had to pull a hoax after the body of a Bigfoot that he killed was taken by a group of "Men in Black." None of those details were ever mentioned back in 2008 and Dyer wants people to believe that he actually killed three Bigfoots, so far. It seems Dyer continues to pray on people's ignorance in order to make a buck.
Yes, Dyer admitted that his is real greedy and would like to make up to $90K a month (on a farce) Bigfoot kill. Because as it stands today, he hasn't been able to provide any prove that he actually killed one Bigfoot in 2012 and now has admitted to killing a second one. Not mentioning, that he actually admitted in an interview with Wake Up Australia that a second Bigfoot got away after killing one in September 2012 in some rural woods in San Antonio, Texas.
There are hundreds of Bigfoot hunters in America and none has even come close to catching one alive or even killed one. At least, they're honest enough to admit they haven't got one as Dyer has done.
Dyer is hoping to make millions per month once he can come out publicly with the scientific documentation proving that he has killed at least two Bigfoots. 
Now, Dyer is in double trouble because he has to actually prove to people wanting to pay to view a specimen and investors who are willing to fund his Bigfoot project that it's not a scam or an illegal scheme conducted by Dyer and his team.
If Dyer has taken any funds on the pretext that the two specimens are real Bigfoots and aren't, Dyer and his crew might be facing a criminal investigation by both state and federal authorities. 

Dyer admitting he killed second Bigfoot at link:


(HNNUSA) - On Wednesday, Rick Dyer apparently took some hair from his alleged Bigfoot specimen and lit it in front of a Telemundo Las Vegas reporter. The reporter in the YouTube video posted by Dyer says, it smelled similar to burned human hair.
Dyer didn't release any documentation of scientific data or DNA sequencing and testing to prove it was actually a real Bigfoot.

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