Friday, January 31, 2014

Hoaxter Rick Dyer Released Video Of Alleged Farce Bigfoot

Rick Dyer

Dyer has admitted in previous times that Bigfoot does not exist and has made lots of money by pulling a hoax.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 31, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada - On Friday, hoaxter Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter and tracker has released a video of an enclosed Bigfoot specimen. The short YouTube video scans through the enclosed case and a specimen can be seen inside.
Dyer has been under pressure to provide scientific evidence that his alleged kills are actually Bigfoots. No scientific data or DNA testing has been released by Dyer. He probably, will never release any certified data.
Dyer wants people to pay to view a specimen that he says is the real Bigfoot. But, his prior record of pulling a hoax to make money from Bigfoot hungry believers has become real profitable for Dyer. Pulling another hoax to make money and gain notoriety is Dyer's goal. Publicity has become the main campaign for Dyer to bring in the cash by luring myth believers to see his specimen, according to Dyer.
In previous audio recordings circulating the Internet, Dyer admitted that he had pulled a hoax in 2008 and made a ton of money from people wanting to believe that Bigfoot exists. But, Dyer admitted that Bigfoot doesn't exist and he just wants to make money from those who need to believe, Bigfoot is real.
So far, Dyer has admitted to finding a Bigfoot body in 2008 and some "Men in Black" stole it or confiscated the specimen. It was his first hoax, according to Dyer. Today, he admits to bagging two Bigfoots, one in Texas and the other at an unknown location.
Apparently, Dyer cancelled a Bigfoot February press conference citing that scientists who examined his specimen weren't available.

Dyer's "See the Real body of Bigfoot" at following link:

Video where Dyer admits to hoax and Bigfoot doesn't exist (2013) at link:

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