Friday, January 10, 2014

Dyer Claims A Second Bigfoot Got Away After Killing One In San Antonio

Photo release of alleged Bigfoot kill and Rick Dyer

Dyer didn't provide any proof of his Bigfoot kill to Australia's Wake Up 10, but claimed that a second Bigfoot attacked his cameraman and got away to stalk the northern woods of San Antonio where he killed one.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 10, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada - On Wednesday, Rick Dyer of California and a self proclaimed Bigfoot Tracker speaking from Las Vegas appeared on Australia's Wake Up 10 and confirmed that he will release actual Bigfoot autopsy video and DNA scientific evidence during a planned press conference on February 9, according to Dyer. He will then tour the U.S., Canada and Australia provided he gets enough sponsors to fund the tour to exhibit the creature.
Dyer also said during the program on Wake Up 10 that another Bigfoot had attacked a cameraman with BBC Morgan Matthews during the moment he shot a Bigfoot on September 6, 2012 and is now in his possession. He confirmed, that another Bigfoot had attacked the cameraman and the attack was filmed, but no footage of the Bigfoot encounter, kill or attack by second creature has ever been made public by BBC or Dyer himself to support his claim that he actually killed a Bigfoot.
The other Bigfoot that got away and stalks a wooded area in northern San Antonio, according to Dyer
Last Saturday Dyer announced through a YouTube video that he had released a photo of Bigfoot to KSAT news station in San Antonio. Dyer says, that he had killed Bigfoot back in September 2012 in a remote San Antonio woods and recently went to the state of Washington to recovered the body after winning a legal battle with investors. The Bigfoot body had been in a U.S. university for DNA and scientific testing for about a year and four months.
Dyer hasn't released any prove of the  Bigfoot kill since 2012 and over the weekend released a close-up photo to KSAT.
Every test has been made on the alleged Bigfoot body to prove its real and if media wants to look at it they must bring a check book, according to Dyer. Only some media outlets have shown interest in  following up on Dyer's latest claim that he killed Bigfoot.
But, critics are labelling Dyer's claim as another elaborate hoax like the one he pulled back in 2008, when he filled a costume with meat and attempted to pass it as Bigfoot. Dyer must have found a better taxidermist this time around, according to critics. 
Dyer says, he will exhibit the body of Bigfoot and will charge a fee to view it. He wants people to believe that he actually killed Bigfoot in Texas, which critics doubt.
The Paranormal blog reported that Jeff who appeared as a homeless man in a film shot by Dyer is actually a crew member of the team. Also, Dyer has said, that BBC Morgan Matthews had helped him to move  Bigfoot after he was shot in 2012. But Matthews, the director of the film claims, there is no Bigfoot body. Dyer has admitted to pulling a hoax back in 2012, about claiming he had shot Bigfoot.Yahoo! TV also reported, that Todd Disotell, an anthropology professor at the New York University who runs the NYU's Molecular Anthropology Department and a judge of the Spike "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" show that began on Friday said, Dyer's claim that he shot the real Bigfoot is "completely worthless." Disotell wants real data about Bigfoot not just a fake photo.Now Dyer is claiming he shot Bigfoot in Washington state instead of San Antonio.
"It's strange that he chose to have it taxidermied rather than have better-preserved live samples sent for testing," said Natalia Reagan, a primatologist who co-judges "Bounty" with Disotell and actor Dean Cain,  according to Yahoo! TV.

Australia's Wake Up 10 interview with Rick Dyer at link:

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