Thursday, January 23, 2014

Caballeros Templarios Cartel Leader Tied To Son And Daughter Singing Careers

Melissa Plancarte Bustos, Enrique Plancarte Jr. and Enrique "Kike" Plancarte Solís

Michoacan Community Self-defense Security Forces have identified two siblings and their exclusive recording label, which their father, one of the main leaders of the Caballeros Templarios created.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 23, 2014

Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico - On Wednesday,  Michoacan Community Self-defense Security Forces (MCSSF) confirmed that both Melissa Plancarte Bustos and Enrique "Kike" Plancarte Jr., who are both lead singers in Mexican bands and have their own recording label happen to be the daughter and son of a Michoacan druglord. Their father is Enrique "Kike" Plancarte Solís, one of the main leaders of the Caballeros Templarios drug cartel. Solís allegedly funded and backed the singing careers of both Melissa and Enrique Jr. with blood money generated from extortions, drug trafficking, kidnappings, murders and other crimes associated with the Caballeros Templarios, the Valor por Michoacan reported.
Melissa and Enrique's father is believed to have also funded the Plan Records Entertainment recording label since October 2012 as an exclusive recording label for both siblings, according to Estanislao Beltrán, the spokesman for MCSSF, who exposed the siblings during a press conference. 
Melissa and her band La Estrella have recorded under the Plan Records label.
Both Melissa and her brother Enrique Jr. have taken pictures with Caballeros Templarios outfits and posted them on their social account pages. Melissa has also taken photos with her fugitive father and shared them on her social network pages.
Melissa has also sang songs about the Caballeros Templarios drug war with the Zetas. After being exposed by the MCSSF, the siblings have been taking precautions and have been removing YouTube videos, including websites off the Internet, since the Mexican military is also looking for their father.
The MCSSF has requested for the Mexican government to investigate the current finances and income of both siblings that is believed to have come from their father's finances connected to his criminal organization.
Both Melissa and Enrique Jr. have not made any public statements about their father who has been on the run after the MCSSF entered their abandoned lavish home in Michoacan.

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Tilin Tilon said...

This person has been taking down all of her stuff from the Internet, YouTube and other sites that showed the lavish style that she was living at the expense of murdered, vanished, hung, raped, extorsioned people of Michoacan. I saw fotos of her playing with three tigers and that now she says she never had. Also, her record label, acquired by her dad, (Plan Records Entertainment) had a website and all of a sudden it all disappeared from the Internet (diferent web and social sites.) on the record label's site, I saw that there were links to tv shows from a Los Angeles based Tv channel (Estrella Tv channel 62) and on Jan 30th 2014, I found out that she was interviewed over the phone by this channel. Also, on Jan 31st, she was live on an interview at the channels station in Los Angeles. She lied her asterisk off. She comes out in a video on a new BMW, her and her brother have a tour bus each. Her mom is building a house in Michoacan but the street where the house is being built wasn't paved yet, the government gave some building materials to the municipality and those materials ended up at a construction material business that Melissa's mother had, and those materials were used to pave the street where the house was being built instead of improvements to other really bad zones of the municipality.