Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Governor Walker Opposes Raising The Minimum Wage, Which He Believes Only Effects Kids Working At Fast Food Joints

Chuck Todd and Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Walker draws criticism for being out of touch with jobs and how minimum wage only affects teenagers at fast food joints.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 8, 2014

Madison, Wisconsin - On Monday, Governor Scott Walker in the Ed Schultz's Show on MSNBC admitted that minimum wage only effects young kids working at fast food restaurants. He compared himself and U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan as working for minimum wage at McDonald's when they were just kids and starting out in the workforce.
When asked, if he favored raising the minimum wage? Walker said, "No, when I started just like Paul Ryan down the road from me working at McDonald's. Jobs that involved minimum wage, or overwhelmingly jobs for kids starting in the workforce..." Walker's comment drew criticism by commentators and Wisconsin Democrats.
"Scott Walker defends his opposition by commenting that minimum wage jobs are largely held by kids, like when he and Paul Ryan worked at McDonald's as teenagers. And I definitely agree that kids who need and want to work should get the opportunity to do so. But right now what's an even greater concern is the fact that, due to the anemic job growth we've seen in Scott Walker's Wisconsin, more and more adults with families are relying on minimum wage jobs in industries like fast food and retail - often without access to paid time off and health insurance."  WisDems Chair Mike Tate stated.
Walker opposes raising the minimum wage, but in Wisconsin and around the nation the median age for employees working at fast food joints is 29. About 26.6% of them are raising a child or family and today can't even affort health insurance. 
In Facebook and other social networks, one of the most popular comments posted about Governor Walker's belief that minimum wage only affected kids earned him the label "idiot." Will Walker out live the idiot label, only time will tell, since, the GOP believes Walker will be a candidate for president in 2016.

Walker's video opposing raising the federal minimum wage at link:

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