Friday, August 7, 2015

Rohnert Park Police Officer Dave Rodriguez Pulls Weapon On Don McComas For Video Recording Incident

The Rohnert Park Police Department placed Officer Rodriguez on temporary paid administrative leave and initiated an independent investigation after he pulled his service weapon at a local resident for video recording incident.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 7, 2015

Rohnert Park, CA - On Thursday, several attorneys, Daniel Beck and Jaron Beck representing Don McComas during a press conference announced that they will be filing a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Rohnert Park claiming that their client had his rights violated when a police officer pulled a weapon on him. On July 29, McComas video recorded Rohnert Park Police Officer Dave Rodriguez pull his service weapon at him while on his property. Officer Rodriguez is seen arriving at the scene and parked for two minutes then opens his window and takes a picture of McComas video recording him. Officer Rodriguez then steps out of his SUV police vehicle and pulls out his weapon  and orders McComas to take his hand out of his pocket. McComas continues to video record the officer and tells him that he has no weapons.
Officer Rodriguez asked McComas, if he was a constitutionalists and McComas responded that he is recording because of prior harassment incidents by police and that the Rohnert Police Department is corrupted.
Officer Rodriguez then leaves and does not detain McComas who claims that he didn't do anything wrong for Officer Rodriguez to pull his service weapon at him.
It is not clear why Officer Rodriguez was at McComas residence. But Officer Rodriguez admitted that it was a random stop to McComas and he didn't care, if the video was posted on social networks.
The Rohnert Police Department released the following statement, "The City truly believes in community-oriented policing and deeply values the relationship between law enforcement and our community. The incident portrayed on the video is not a typical interaction between our Public Safety Officers and the public.
To ensure the greatest degree of impartiality and fairness, we will be engaging an independent outside investigator to conduct a full investigation into the incident. In evaluating any complaint against an officer we need to be sure proper procedures are followed and the investigator will assist us in this regard.
The officer has been placed on temporary paid administrative leave."

Rohnert Park Police Officer Dave Rodriguez pulls weapon on resident for video recording incident

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