Friday, August 21, 2015

Four Dumb Criminals Charged After Returning To Crime Scene

Three of four suspects including a 15-year-old female were charged, they were labeled as dumb criminals for returning to a crime scene while police investigated an armed robbery in Milwaukee's Southside.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 21, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, Genaro (booked as Gerrard) Martínez, 18, Adrian J. Guerrero, 17, and Javier Salinas, 17, were charged for the August 15 armed robbery of a 49-year-old man in Milwaukee's Southside. Police arrested four suspects after returning to the crime scene when they were spotted by the victim while police were taking a statement about the armed robbery.
Martínez was charged with one felony count for armed robbery and a bond of $9,000 cash was set. He is facing 40 years in prison and $100,000 in fines, if convicted. Guerrero was charged with two felony counts, for fleeing from a police officer and using a vehicle without the consent of the owner and bail was set $10,000 cash. He is facing 3 1/2 years in prison and $10,000 in fines for each count. Salinas was charged with three felony counts for armed robbery and bail was set at $150,000 cash. He is facing 40 years in prison and $100,000 in fines for each count. The 15-year-old female suspect is being held as a juvenile.
Last Monday, Milwaukee police reported that four suspects, Martínez, Guerrero, Salinas and a 15-year-old female were taken into custody after returning to a crime scene minutes after an armed robbery. The criminal complaint states, that a 49-year-old man was robbed at gun point at the 1200 block of W. Mineral Street by one of the suspects who got out of a red vehicle, which was reported stolen earlier. The suspect took some items from the victim around 4:00 a.m. on August 15.
The victim called police from District Two, while police were interviewing the victim at the scene. The victim noticed the suspect's red vehicle passing nearby. He alerted police about the vehicle.
Several officers pursued the vehicle, that had been stolen just hours before from the 1900 block of E. Euclid Avenue. The suspect's car was stopped by police in the 1200 block of S. 37th Street. The suspects were arrested.

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