Thursday, August 13, 2015

Biker Group Gatherings To Become Illegal Without Municipal Permit, Milwaukee Alderman Zielinski Proposing

A Milwaukee alderman announced that he will be proposing an city ordinance to prohibit motorcycle groups from assembly or public gatherings without a municipal permit.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 13, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, Milwaukee Alderman T. Anthony Zielinski from the 14th Aldermanic District in the Bay View area announced that he will be proposing an ordinance in early September to prohibit the public assembly or gatherings of motorcycle groups without a municipal permit. Motorcycle groups will be fined up to $500, if a group gathers or rides together within the Milwaukee city limits without a permit, which the ordinance will most likely be considered unconstitutional for prohibiting the right of assembly or public gatherings.
Alderman Zielinski's proposal, if enacted by the full Milwaukee Common Council would require the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Museum bike nights and other major venues attracting bikers to get permits to assemble in addition to event permits. Local motorcycle clubs, independent riding groups, Harley-Davidson Owners groups, including the Milwaukee Outlaws would be required to get a city permit when a group gathers for meetings, business, riding or biker parties and events.
The proposed ordinance hasn't been defined or restrictions about the number of bikers considered an illegal group has been made available by Zielinski, but if Ald. Zielinski and the Milwaukee Common Council enact the proposed ordinance, they would definitely be facing a federal lawsuit challenge for prohibiting motorcycle groups to peacefully assembly or gather for riding within Milwaukee City limits.
Alderman Zielinski's proposal comes after last weekend's havoc raised by some participants of 500 riders from the sport motorcycle riding groups involved in the annual Miltown Throwdown 2015. Dozens of sport motorcycle riders managed to run stop lights, did burn-outs, rode on sidewalks, did wheelies, stunts and reckless driving endangering other drivers on roads and local streets throughout Milwaukee and neighboring communities. Some area businesses saw an increase of economic boost from the riders who spend money on food, gas and other items. The annual Miltown Throwdown event began about 5 to 7 years ago and has been organized once a year.
Police in Milwaukee treated the Miltown Throwdown 2015 event as a low priority and didn't do much to enforce traffic laws. Police hasn't released any information about how many riders were cited for traffic violations.
An accident involving a Milwaukee police sergeant driving a squad on W. McKinley Ave. and a motorcycle sports rider and a passenger brought attention to the havoc many local residents endured on August 8, including Alderman Zielinski who witness the havoc in his district and saw police doing nothing about it.

Actual video of Miltown Throwdown 2015 street racing, speeding, doing wheelies, stunt riding going through red lights in Milwaukee and surrounding communities

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