Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Milwaukee Police Department Caught Sleeping On The Job As Hundreds Of Sports Bikes Invade City

Local mainstream media outlets have estimated that between 250 to 500 bikers in sport motorcycles and Harley's swarmed into Milwaukee and raised havoc in neighborhoods while police were caught sleeping on the job.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 11, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - The annual Miltown Throwdown motorcycle rally, stunt and riding event has gained national attention after a video was posted on social networks and YouTube showing a Milwaukee police sergeant swerving with emergency lights on McKinley Ave. and attempting to cut-off a biker and striking another with a passenger as the biker tried to pass the squad on its left side lane in a 6 inch medium. The incident caused the biker to lose control and strike the police squad. Both the biker and passenger were injured. The biker involved, Daniel Cuffie was cited for driving with a suspended license, not yielding to an emergency vehicle and attempting to pass an emergency vehicle.
The bikers have argued that they weren't doing anything illegal, but noticed the police sergeant pull in front of them and began to swerve with his emergency lights to slow down the bikers, which some found unusual and attempted to pass him. The bikers say, they weren't speeding as seen on the video. The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) and Police Chief Edward Flynn won't comment on the matter, but confirmed the biker was cited.
The police sergeant might have violated protocol when he struck the biker causing an accident. It is not known, if an internal police department investigation has been launched to see, if the police sergeant violated any police policy.
Milwaukee local media have tried to get a response from Chief Flynn, but he seems to be avoiding them. Milwaukee Alderman T. Anthony Zielinski is seeking answers as well from the MPD for its laxed enforcement of traffic laws during the Miltown Throwdown annual event on August 8th, which has taken place for the last three to four years.
The Facebook (FB) page for the Miltown Throwdown 8/8/2015 event has since been disabled to avoid bikers from being identified and cited by police for illegal stunt riding throughout city streets.
Zielinski in his FB account stated that he received complaints from residents of bikers raising havoc in his Bay View Aldermanic District. According to Ald. Zielinski, he called police multiple times to report the bikers. He then got into his vehicle and followed them. While following the bikers, Zielinski noticed a police squad with officers parked at a neighborhood street that just stood there and did nothing as bikers rode by and allegedly violated traffic laws. Zielinski is raising questions, why didn't police stopped the bikers and gave out citations for riding on neighborhood sidewalks, speeding, doing wheelies and going through stop lights? Chief Flynn has yet to respond to either Ald. Zielinski or to local media questions about the police sergeant cutting off a biker and causing an accident.
It seems, the MPD was caught sleeping or police officers were just following Chief Flynn's established low priority policy that kept officers busy handling more serious offenses than bikers raising havoc during their annual rally and stunt riding event that agitated residents.
The bikers in Milwaukee raising havoc on Saturday are lucky that it is not Waco, Texas or everyone would have been taken into custody by Waco police, charged with a frivolous felony for organized crime and held for weeks on a $1M bond each just to set an example.

Actual video of Miltown Throwdown 2015 street racing, speeding, doing wheelies, stunt riding going through red lights in Milwaukee and surrounding communities https://youtu.be/Flf2XaA1oow

Video: Milwaukee Police Supervisor cut-off biker on McKinley Ave. and caused accident https://youtu.be/F5WdwNqoB3c

Scott Herbst who took video of police squad striking biker says, bikers did nothing wrong http://bit.ly/1Mmw3UN

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