Friday, March 13, 2015

MVS Radio Fired Two Aristegui Investigative Reporters Over Mexico Leaks Alliance

Aristegui news host Carmen Aristegui announced that she has rejected the decision by MVS Radio CEO Joaquín Vargas to terminate two of her investigative reporters over an alliance with Mexico Leaks.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

March 13, 2015

Mexico, D.F. - On Friday, Carmen Aristegui, the radio news host for Aristegui Noticias on MVS Radio rejected the decision by Joaquín Vargas, the CEO of MVS Radio to terminate two of Aristegui Investigative reporters for an alliance with Mexico Leaks dot mx. Vargas on Thursday announced that both Daniel Lizárraga and Irvin Huerta had been fired for unauthorized used of the MVS corporate name and resources to formed an alliance with eight other news sources to create Mexico Leaks, a Internet watchdog platform page for citizens and government whistle-blowers to anonymously submit material and information about government and police corruption.
Vargas accused Aristegui and the two reporters of misusing the MVS corporate name to form an alliance without the MVS owners authorization and administration knowledge. On Wednesday, Aristegui reported in her news program that a Mexico Leaks website is in the process to being created in collaboration with eight other news sources, including Proceso and Press Unlimited from Holland. 
Aristegui received an award and recognition from the Journalists Club in Mexico for her national news reporting about the White House real estate bribery, failure to report real estate assets and money laundering scandal involving President Enrique Peña Nieto (PRI) and his wife Angelica and for the Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre sex and prostitution scandal. De la Torre, the PRI Party leader in Mexico City was involved in a prostitution ring, he was later removed from the job. Women were solicited for employment at the PRI headquarters in Mexico City, but when they were interviewed, it turned out that they would be paid to engage in sex acts with De la Torre while at work.
Aristegui says, that the reporters should not have been fired, but recognized for their work exposing both the White House and the De la Torre prostitution ring scandals. Vargas had said since Monday, that the Mexico Leaks news alliance was not the problem, but using the MVS corporate name and resources without the knowledge of the MVS ownership and administration was the issue.
Aristegui says, that she has notified the MVS administration that Aristegui News can not continue to work effectively without Lizárraga and Huerta. Other pending news investigations have been jeopardize by the termination of both investigative reporters and if MVS wants Aristegui News to continue on the radio, they have to rehire both reporters, Aristegui reported on Friday.
MVS on Friday released a 16 point policy for its radio hosts and their personel. The new policy creates a News Director who will be responsible for all news production, reporting and will follow an editorial committee decision to air news stories, only news material produced at MVS will be used, news hosts and their personel will not be allowed to engage in agreements with other news sources unless first approved by the MVS administration, news exclusively by MVS will not be shared with the competition or other websites unless approved by MVS, will hire extra investigative reporters who will share services with MVS radio hosts, the radio hosts and the News Director will select working assignments for reporters, and other personel for news production, MVS administration and all personel, including radio hosts can not be associated with political groups or special interest groups, all radio hosts and their personel will sign contracts agreeing to said policies and the policies will take effect on Monday, March 16. The new policy agreement was accepted by Carmen Aristegui, Alejandro Cacho, Luis Cárdenas and Ezra Shabot, according to MVS. It was not clear, if Lizárraga and Huerta will return to work with Aristegui. 

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