Thursday, September 25, 2014

Walking Ghost At Espanola Police Department Secured Area Captured On Surveillance Video

Officers and staff have complained about someone breathing down on them, its presence or have seen a ghost like figure at the Espanola Police Department holding station, but after years, they finally captured the ghostly figure walking through a secured and alarm fenced area.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 25, 2014

Espanola, New Mexico - The Espanola Police Station (EPD) finally after years of trying to break the case of an unidentified ghostly presence at the secured holding station get a break. Some police officers and staff have felt a presence of an unknown force near them or breathing down on them while filing reports and have complained. Others have reported a ghostly figure in the police station grounds and lobby, but on September 20, the break finally occurred when an outdoor surveillance camera capture the ghostly image on surveillance video.
On Saturday September 20, Public Safety Aide Karl Romero finished cleaning the holding facility and then sat down to wait for an officer to bring in a prisoner and was watching the video surveillance screens around 11:06 p.m., when he noticed the ghostly figure walking through a secured and alarm fenced area. The alarm was not triggered as the ghostly figure walked through the closed gates and area.
Several days later, Romero reported the ghostly incident to his supervisor and a staff member. The staff member then went through the surveillance video footage and she found the ghostly figure walking through the secured area.
The EPD says, that the station was not built on an ancient burial ground or cemetery that they know off, but that several unsolved murders near the area were reported. The EPD station was built in 2006.
As to the officers and staff, they're glad that finally people can now see for themselves what they had endured during working hours. It is not known yet, if the EPD police chief and officers will actually make the ghostly figure an honorary deputize officer so, it can continue to have unlimited access to the holding facility. 
So far, it's not known if it's a male, female or child.

Espanola Police Department Holding Facility GHOST video:

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