Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rebeca M. López Zambrana Drops Assault Charges Against Former Boyfriend Don Omar

William Omar Landrón Rivera, aka, "Don Omar" and Rebeca M. López Zambrana

López Zambrana decides not to press charges against former boyfriend Don Omar for domestic violence abuse.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 23, 2014

Carolina, Puerto Rico - On Monday, Rebeca M. López Zambrana, 26, posted on her Facebook social page that she has decided to drop her domestic violence abuse complaint against her former boyfriend William Omar Landrón Rivera, 36, aka, "Don Omar." She says, that she will love Rivera forever and has forgiven him, but doesn't want him to go to jail or ruin his career as a singer. Rivera who goes by the stage name Don Omar was arrested on September 17, after López Zambrana called 911 and accused Rivera of sending her threatening texts and physically abusing her on numerous occasions. 
Rivera was charged with four counts of domestic violence assault and two counts for possession of a weapon. He allegedly struck López Zambrana in the face and pointed a gun at her, according to the criminal complaint.
He posted a $200K cash bond of a $600K bond set on Wednesday. He was also ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet as a condition of release. Rivera has been also previously accused of having domestic abusive relationships by former girlfriends.
On Wednesday, police in Puerto Rico arrested Rivera for domestic abuse around 1:00 a.m. at a residence in Vega Alta. Rivera was accused of sending threatening text messages to López Zambrada from Carolina who filed a domestic abuse complaint against the Reggaeton singer.
López Zambrana had accused Rivera of repeated domestic abuse incidents.

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