Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Undocumented Man Seeking Illinios Driver's License Reported To ICE By DMV Worker

Felipe de Jesus Diosdado-Arellano

An Illinois Secretary of State Department of Motor Vehicle worker turned in to ICE an undocumented driver seeking a driver's license for undocumented immigrants in the state.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 16, 2014

Chicago, Illinois - Felipe de Jesus Diosdado-Arellano is waiting for a final determination on his deportation case after applying for an Illinois driver's license for undocumented immigrants in February. He went to the Secretary of State Department of Motor Vehicle (SOSDMV) to apply for license and gave his documents to a SOSDMV worker who wanted to make copies, but the worker instead contacted the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Three agents from ICE arrested Diosdado-Arellano and was placed on deportation status. According to Gail Montenegro, spokeswoman for ICE in the Chicago area said, that an immigration judge in 2000 had placed a deportation order for Diosdado-Arellano for a criminal conviction and fugitive status. Diosdado-Arellano says, that he missed an appointment with the immigration judge in 2000 because he never received any information about an immigration hearing, according to Noticiero Telemundo.
In 1999, Diosdado-Arellano was arrested by ICE while traveling on bus to Michigan and was later convicted in 2005 for driving under the influence. He was also convicted for applying for a Indiana Driver's License in 2000 with false documents, according to Telemundo Chicago.
Since then, Diosdado-Arellano had apply for a temperary stay to deal with his immigration deportation case, but was denied by the local ICE office. He is now waiting for another response from the Washington, D.C. ICE office about his temperary stay request.
The states of Illinois, California and North Carolina have changed their reporting status to ICE to only include those undocumented immigrants applying for driver licenses identified or wanted as terrorists. 
In late January 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) signed into law a bill allowing non-citizens to apply for state driver's licenses. The measure took effect in November and allow more than 250,000 non-citizens residing in the state to apply for a legal driver's license.
Non-citizens would have to provide proof (copy) of a one year state residency by providing a lease, a utility bill(s) or other documentation. Temperary Visitor Licenses offered to tourists legally in the U.S. will also be available to non-citizens and they can be renewed every three years, but won't be valid as an ID to board a plane, buying a gun or voting purposes.

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