Friday, November 29, 2013

Wood Criticized MPAA For Cutting Oral Sex Scene From The Charlie Countryman Film

Evan Rachel Wood

Oral sex scene cut from "Charlie Countryman" film by MPAA.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 29, 2013

Hollywood, CA - On Wednesday, Evan Rachel Wood, who stars in the upcoming new film "Charlie Countryman" posted on Twitter, her disappointment that a scene from the movie to be release later this month was censored. The scene shows Wood getting oral sex from co-star Shia LaBeouf, which the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) decided that the intimacy sex scene of a woman enjoy sex was to explicit for moviegoers, according to Wood. MPAA is a movie rating organization made of parents who decide, if certain scenes of a newly to be release film are censored. The organization looks at violence, sex scenes, language and drug use and then gives a rating they believe a majority of parents would give it.
The MPAA has been known to allow compatible scenes depicting sexual scenes, violence and beheadings on other films when rating movies.
Wood on November posted on her Twitter account, that "After seeing the new cut of#CharlieCountryman I would like 2 share my disappointment with the MPAA, who thought it was necessary to...censor a womans sexuality once again. The scene where the two main characters make "love" was altered because someone felt that seeing...a man give a woman oral sex made people "uncomfortable" but the scenes in which people are murdered by having their heads blown off...remained intact and unaltered. This is a symptom of a society that wants to shame women and put them down for enjoying sex, especially...when (gasp) the man isn't getting off as well! Its hard for me to believe that had the roles been reversed it still would have been cut...OR had the female character been raped it would have been cut. Its time for people to GROW UP. Accept that women are sexual beings...Accept that some men like pleasuring women. Accept that women don't have to just be fucked and say thank you...We are allowed and entitled to enjoy ourselves. Its time we put our foot down," Wood twitted.

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